Robyn has been working with this incredible team of photographers since 2016

- all of whom she has personally hand-picked, mentored and trained over that time.


She takes this part of her job very seriously

- and spends a lot of time with each of the associates during their training period

- taking them along on her photo sessions, showing them the ropes and constantly guiding them with feedback, support and endless tips and tricks that she has learnt over the years!


Once she is 100% happy that they are up to scratch with the high standard of service and photography at  

Robyn Davie Photography she sends them out on photographic assignments.


She always assigns each photographer herself, as she knows just which one is best suited to each photo session.

This incredible team have such a creative eye for taking photos.


They are reliable, fun to be around, and always astonish us with their beautiful captures of kids birthdays, family sessions and corporate events.


As they represent our brand, we only send out the very best to document your shoot.


The process is just like booking a shoot with Robyn - all communication is run through our office manager, simplifying the process for you; your photographer will arrive on your shoot date fully briefed and prepped to shoot; and then all post-production such as editing, invoicing and photo book creation is handled in-house by our design team. ​


We approve each photograph before it is sent out to you!




Dana says:

"For my 20th birthday present, my family bought me an entry level DSLR. Since then, it's always been by my side whenever I travel and explore. For the past year or so, I have started taking it more seriously, doing online tutorials to learn more about the technical aspects. It now makes up a large part of my income as a freelancer. I love capturing the raw emotion that comes from the kids. Whether their dad is swinging them around in the air, or they've just discovered a pinecone on the ground, it brings me so much happiness to capture that natural, innocent and pure emotion in a photograph."


associate portfolios

One of the greatest business skills is the ability to build a highly skilled team and attract the best talent, and that is exactly Robyn has achieved.


Gemma, one of Robyn’s associate photographers captured our little girl’s first birthday party and the results were spectacular.


Not only was Gemma totally divine on a personal level, making everyone feel at ease for the one or two posed photos, she was unobtrusive in capturing the natural photos that make the Robyn Davie Photography style of photography so special.


Each and every image is one we’d love to print and if that isn’t the mark of an amazing photographer, I don’t know what is!

- Georgie Armstrong

You can now book a Robyn Davie Photography associate photographer and receive the same

high quality service and images at a lower price point.

We have complete faith in these amazing photographers

- they shoot a large chunk of the work you see on our 

website and social media!