• Robyn Davie

My First Family Shoot

This year has seen the beginning of a whole new photographic story for me. I've spent the last two years living in Los Angeles, taking photos primarily of models and actors. I returned to my home town of Johannesburg in December of 2014, and was so enamoured by the requests for family shoots that I could only comply.

I started the year out with my wonderful sister-in-law and her kids, my niece and nephew. It always helps having family to use as guinea pigs for new shoots like this!

Still though, I was nervous as I arrived - the skies opening as I parked my car and drenching me in drizzle. But as I jumped out of the car, my niece came running down the garden path with a gigantic umbrella, and the biggest smile on her face. Nothing like a big hug to calm the nerves!

From there, we headed inside, and started snapping pics just of normal everyday things - the kids playing in their rooms, their mom getting ready for the shoot; and finally, once the rain stopped, we headed out into the dusk.

All in all, it was such fun, and a beautiful shoot.


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