• Robyn Davie

Tea and Croissants

An autumn Sunday morning. Winter just starting to creep in. And this brand new family invites me warmly into their Parkhurst home. We drink tea and eat croissants while working around little Francie Sugar's newly formed sleep patterns. She's eight weeks old, and already acutely aware that someone new is in her house, rousing her from her sleep, to snap a few photos.

And she isn't convinced by the process at all. But that's why the tea and croissants are perfect - the trick I'm learning about little baby shoots is to take my time, no rush required.

I slip off my shoes and quietly tiptoe around the house (with the most gorgeous interiors too! - and that nursery! - to die for!), Francie wakes, and then snoozes, and then wakes. We get to capture all those little moments - dad coddling her, mom nursing, grandmom soothing.

It's a perfect Sunday morning.


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