• Robyn Davie

Greys and Greens

It's quite a wonderful feeling when you get invited into someone's house and immediately feel at home. That's what happened when I arrived at this family's home on Saturday afternoon - within minutes I was sitting on the couch, drinking coconut water and watching the Tour de France with a few generations of the Gaskell family.

Their house was my favourite shade of grey - the perfect charcoal, and filled with beautiful refurbished antique furniture that I secretly wanted to stow away in my car on the way out - such incredible pieces! One day my house will look like theirs.

It's quite a thing to see a family in all its parts - grandparents through to grandkids, uncles and cousins, and just marvelous to see them all coordinated in shades of blue, with such careful consideration on the part of mom.

We made a special plan to take a few quick pics at the house, and then ducked into three cars and drove in a convoy down to the jungle-gyms at Delta Park - a new spot for Nikki and her family, but one I'm sure they'll be revisiting soon with the myriad of swings and playgrounds on option.

The trees around the park made the perfect backdrop, and we spent a happy hour or so snapping some fun family shots.