• Robyn Davie

A Team Of Three

Arriving at this warm beautiful Fourways home on a chilly winters afternoon was just so perfect. The two little girls were hiding in their bedroom cupboard, and dashed out to show me all their pretty treasures the second I walked in - full of smiles and happy hearts. And then I met adorable little Benjamin - with his deep dark blue eyes that you just want to fall straight into.

The Smith family had me drinking tea, and giggling with their little team of adorable munchkins in no time. This whole family had just the truest connection - full of love and warmth.

We finished the session out on the patio - grabbing a last few pics of the sun stealing through the trees, before all racing back inside from the chilly outdoors. It was one of thse weekends to be filled with hot bowls of soup and cuddles on the couch!