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Pretorius Family Shoot

This past Thursday was one of the best public holidays I've ever had - an early morning hike in the middle of the city, a superb family lunch in a country-style restaurant (complete with plucky little chickens), and then this gorgeous photo shoot at Delta Park to end it all off!

Lara and her family have such an incredible love for each other, and it is absolutely evident in these pics. Their little boy Jake has a wondrous energy, and we bounced our way through the gigantic playground with glee, with him pointing out all the excellent spots around the park that we could snap pics!

I think you guys may have a future photographer on your hands - which wouldn't be at all surprising considering that his mom is such a phenomenally talented fashion photographer! It certainly did give me a few butterflies knowing that I was shooting someone who definitely knows her way around a camera, but I certainly am happy with the final product!

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