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What To Wear During Your Family Photo Shoot

We often get asked for ideas or inspiration for family photo shoots, and felt a bit of a blog post starting to come together with tips and tricks and ideas. So here we go!


Remember every single family photo shoot session you've seen from the 90's and early 2000's? That standard everyone-wears-a-white-tshirt-and-blue-jeans thing? Maybe you even did one yourselves?

And we can't fault you for it at all, it was very cool at the time!

But, the great news is that is very much no longer a trend! Yaysies :) These days family photo shoots are about a little more than just looking like clones.

Here are some great ways to break free, while still looking like a well coordinated happy family.


The most important thing is that clothes should represent your family as they are - a mix of colours and patterns is always fun for family photos.

The most important thing about a family photo shoot is that the clothes you wear must represent who you are, and who your family is!

Simple is always best!


And keep it casual - these are the kind of clothes you'd wear to a lunch on the weekend - jeans and tees, summer dresses and sandals. Try and avoid anything too formal, shiny or stiff - casual is best!


Rather than having matching outfits (everyone dressed in a white tee and jeans), choosing complementary outfits is a better idea - for example, everyone in similar hues (blues & tans; greens & browns; pinks & purples; neutrals etc).

It can be lovely to choose three colours - blues and creams for example, but throw in a pop of yellow to make the photos pop!


"Looks" are wardrobe changes - so if your package includes three looks, we'll be shooting you in three different outfits.

However, it is completely not necessary, and you may stay in the same outfit for the entirety of the shoot. It just gives you a little more variety should you choose to use it.


Dressing for an Autumn or Winter shoot is a little bit different, as brighter colours come more into play - please read over this blog post as so to know how to prepare for a family photo shoot in the colder months.

A last few tips and tricks:

- Try and avoid having everyone wearing white at the same time, as it can over-expose and blow out the whole picture.

- Also, too many dark colours and black wardrobe items will underexpose. It's all about a subtle balance :)

- Just remember to stay away from reds if your skin tends to have a red undertone to it, as this is not flattering.

- It is a good idea to have two or three outfits worked out ahead of time, as this speeds up the shooting on the day, and saves us from wasting precious time and light.

- If you are doing a wardrobe change (if it's included in your package), it's best to keep it as simple as possible - just a quick change of a top, or pulling on a sweater or a scarf, especially if we're shooting at a park.

- Please make sure that everyone is groomed and dressed in their first shoot outfit when I arrive.

Try and avoid the following:

- white tees and blue jeans!

- visible wording or branding

- patterns that are very bold or harsh

- clothing that is too tight, or too loose

- too many people wearing white as it will over-expose

- black or very dark colours

- too much red (as it brings out the red in your skin tone)

- lumo colours


Still have a few more questions? Feel free to send me an email. Please do let me know if you have any questions or concerns ahead of time - these things are always easier to handle in advance.

If you haven't already, I would strongly suggest reading over this post on how to get the most out of your family photo shoot session.

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