• Robyn Davie

The September Winners!

I love the experience of giving away a free photo shoot - right from the beginning of conceptualising the give-away, to it running its course, to meeting so many new wonderful people through social media, and finally, the best part of all - the actual photo shoot! I had nervous butterflies in my tummy as I drew a name out of a hat a few weeks ago - I always wonder who it's going to be, and a little part of me feels like I'm actually the one who's winning - as I get to be lucky enough to take pictures of a brand new family.

And goodness gracious, I certainly did win! Soon after pulling Francois' name out of the hat, I did a little facebook stalking, and discovered that he and his beautiful wife have twins! I was over the moon!

And so it was that this past Sunday, we all met up at Delta Park, to have a bit of a picnic, and to snap some pictures in the glorious evening light.

The two people that I met that afternoon were beyond gracious and genuine at having won a photo shoot, and were such a pleasure to work with. And their two tiny people were just so gorgeous and so adorable that I tried really hard to pack them up in my camera bag and take them home with me at the end of the shoot ;) ;)

Thank you Francois and Hayley, and sweet little Harper and Jackson. You guys really are winners.

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