• Robyn Davie

Everyday I'm Hustling

I had a very illuminating chat with a client a few days ago - he was asking me how in the world I manage to back up and keep track of every photo I've ever taken - and I let him in on a little secret. The truth is, I don't.

While the final edits from each and every shoot are backed up on my computer, Dropbox and my external harddrive, it is just impractical and virtually impossible to keep every single picture I take during every single photo shoot.

There is a large discard pile off of any photo shoot, as to be expected - the blurry pics, the ones with your eyes closed, and the unflattering angles. The ones that get kept from that bunch are the good ones, and then an even smaller selection which are the best ones get edited and relayed back to you, the client.

I like to think that I have a pretty darn good eye for selecting the best pics - and I have a 99% success rate in choosing the right images for you.

But more than that, the reason I don't keep every single image is because everyday I learn something new about photography, about my passion, about my skill set. Everyday I'm improving on the photographs that I took yesterday, so that I can provide you with an even better product tomorrow.

It is such an amazing career to be involved in, and I love the everyday challenges of discovering more about my camera, my lenses and my business.

So after months of putting it off, I finally dived into the world of Lightroom this past week, and it really is as incredible as they all say. I'm not saying I'm never going back to Photoshop - I already have some pics I need to edit in PS that just aren't going to work in LR - but I can already see the difference in the final photos!

A big leap forward just like that.

So without going on too much about little ol' Lightroom, here is the first tutorial video I watched to get me started, and it's a goodie.

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