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FAQs: Before The Photo Shoot Booking

Updated: Dec 3, 2020


We're so excited that you'd like to book a photo shoot with the RDP photographic team, and to find out more about the process! The idea behind this post is to streamline the booking, so that we can fill your brain up with all the info you may possibly need, and in return we can book you in for a session in a few easy steps.

Let's start from the beginning:

Robyn has been taking photographs professionally since early 2013, and she knows A LOT about the ins and outs of organising, running and most importantly enjoying a photo shoot!

In 2018 our fabulous office manager Grace joined the team, and she will be running you through the quick, easy and efficient process of booking a photo session with us.

Our team

Since 2016, Robyn has been building and growing her associate photographer team - and they now take on a very big chunk of our work at RDP - so much so that most of our clients can't tell the difference between one of Robyn's pics or an associates' pic!

So many of our clients keep coming back for more, and often we end up sharing stories on their patios on beautiful summer evenings, and we're grateful to call a heap of them friends.

We can't wait to meet you, and your incredible, fun and sometimes crazy family!

Read a little more about Robyn and her photographic journey here.

Now, let's get down to business...

How do I book a shoot?

You've come to the right place!

Click on the contact page, or follow this link right here to send us an email.

We'd love to hear from you!

Include as many details as you can please, as outlined below:

For family shoots:

the type of shoot, the number of family members

and any special requests.

For events/kids parties:

the date, time and location; the number of guests; theme and any special requests.

We also offer a heap of other photographic services (products and interiors, food & restaurants, head shots & personal branding sessions, and an array of corporate photography).

What happens then?

We'll email you right back and we'll get chatting! The process of booking a photo session is usually just a few quick emails and we're ready to go!

[Please note that we will be on email from Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm]

We'd like to organise a gift voucher for a friend/family member - is this possible?

Of course! Photo shoot vouchers make for excellent gifts! We've done many as 60th birthday presents, for baby showers, mother's day or as engagement gifts. Send us an enquiry, we'll let you know what packages are on offer and we'll even send through a gift voucher that you can present to your friend/family member.

Please note we do require upfront payment in full for gift vouchers.

We'd love to sit down with you and chat about our photo shoot - is that ok?

We find a meet-up is not necessary for booking a family photo shoot.

We've spent years developing quick and easy workflows - designed to get you booked in nice and easily in a few simple email steps. Let's chat on email!

What type of photo shoots can we book with you?

The RDP team is taking on a large variety of family sessions (maternity, newborn, immediate and extended, couples, engagements, best friends, grown-up kids and so much more), as well as kids birthday parties, celebrations from 21st to 90th's and everything in between, events, interior and product shoots and head shots.

The RDP associate photographers shoot a very big chunk of the work on our website and social media platforms and we absolutely love what they do!

Are there any photo shoots that you don't take on?

Our work at RDP is focused on capturing the real, raw beautiful moments that make up your life! For that reason we don't take on cake smashes, styled shoots or studio work. It's just not our style. Email us though and we can send you some recommendations for amazing Gauteng photographers shooting work like this.

You can read up more about our style here.

What will the cost be for the shoot, and how long will it be?

Every photo shoot is different, depending on the number of people, the location, and the type/style of shooting.

Because of this we have spent a great deal of time crafting packages to suit everyone's needs. Send us an email and we'll let you know what the available options are.

Once you've decided on the package that's right for you, we'll send through available dates and time slots.

How far in advance should I book?

Our associate's schedules are reasonably flexible, but we would recommend giving us at least 3 - 4 weeks heads up for most photo shoots. We will provide you with 3 possible slots that you can choose from.

If you're booking an event (especially for kids parties) we would recommend contacting us as soon as possible - at least 1 - 3 months before the selected date.

Please note that in peak seasons (primarily summer), we can be booked up from 4-6 weeks in advance.

Can you send me your available dates?

As soon as you let us know which package you've selected (from the options we email you), we will send through three potential dates for you to choose between - feel free to let us know which month you would prefer. We always like to wait until you've sent us your package selection so that we know you're going to book with us before we pencil in dates for you in our calendar.

We shoot throughout the week, Monday - Sunday, and am happy to schedule your family shoot on a weekend as that is when everyone tends to be at home :)

When do I pay?

We will ask for a 50% non-refundable booking fee when we send through the invoice to you - and the sooner we receive the deposit, the sooner we can confirm that time slot as being yours!

We receive a lot of requests and our schedule fills up quickly - that 50% booking fee secures your session. After the photo shoot we will send through a sneak peek within 10-14 working days, along with the final balance to be paid.

Do you have any specific tips on how we can prep for our shoot? We don't know what to wear!

We have so many tips! And we'd love for you to read through them before your shoot, as it helps us all end up with the best possible end result.

For your family photo shoot, read this post.

Dive into this post if you have questions about newborn, maternity or baby shoots.

Where's what to wear to your family session, and how you should change your wardrobe choices for an Autumn/Winter shoot.

For our family shoot, what if we'd only like to wear one outfit for our shoot (instead of the 2 optional ones)?

This is completely optional! Our packages tend to include at least two outfits so if you'd like to change into something else to provide a little more variety to the pics you totally can. It really is not necessary though.

If you would like to change, please keep it simple and easy - something like changing a top, popping on a scarf, or pulling on an extra layer.

Can you recommend a make-up artist?

Absolutely! Just let us know that you'd like to book one and we'll send through prices and check availability! We know an excellent one who we use on the majority of our shoots :)

What is an ideal shoot time?

Taking photographs is all about the light. The most magical pictures happen when the light is soft and delicious - during the hour of sunrise or sunset.

We tend to aim to shoot in the early morning - around 7/8am - or late afternoon/early evening - around 7pm in summer and 4pm in winter. Read this post to discover more about why we insist on doing family shoots during magic hour.

The RDP team takes on shoots on weekdays and weekends, depending on availability.

What is the ideal season for a photo shoot?

There is no bad time to take pics! We are incredibly lucky in Johannesburg, spoilt with gorgeous weather almost year round. Besides from the odd cold snap, or thunderstorm, almost every day is great for shooting!








Why do you need the names of all my family members coming to the photo shoot?

In our final check-in email we'll ask for the names of your family members simply because it makes our job easier on the day.

Trying to remember everyone's names as we're introduced is reeeeeeeally hard, and then having to call out, "hey you, look at the camera!" really doesn't work out well. It also definitely helps if you can include their positions in your family, as we can know how everyone fits together and which pictures/groupings we should be preparing to pose.

For example:

Dan (my dad) & Lucy (his wife)

Stan (my brother) & Sue (his wife), and kids Jeff (8 years) & Margie (6 years)

Myself & Tom (husband)

etc etc

Where should we do our family photo shoot?

If you have a family home with big windows, lots of natural light, a bright, green leafy garden then let's definitely shoot there.

Alternatively we do the majority of our family photo shoots at Delta Park - it's a gorgeous big park, quite central in JHB, with a wide array of fun spots that we know very well to snap some lovely pics! Please read over the advantages of a Delta Park session here.

Uh oh, I need to cancel!

Please note that our time is valuable!

If we've scheduled this shoot with you, it means we've turned down other shoots for that time period. We understand that life happens, and sometimes gets in the way, but we do require a full 24 hours cancellation/rescheduling notice, and will add an additional R450 onto your shoot fee every time you cancel/reschedule within less than 24 hours.

For the same reason, please do not be late!

But my little munchkin is feeling ill?

Please do let us know as soon as possible if it looks like your little ones are feeling under the weather/having a bad day/missed their nap. It's very tricky to get good photos if they're not happy (completely understandably!), so we'll rather just reschedule if that's the case.

What about the actual weather?

Some of our favourite photos have been taken in cloudy overcast weather!

The only time we will really need to reschedule is if it's a thunderstorm, and even that can be worked around.

Best thing to do is stay in touch on the day if it's looking particularly nasty outside.

The below photos are all examples from rainy days - we either stayed inside and popped a flash on to give the photos a nice warm glow, or hung out outdoors with fun rain gear and umbrellas!

Can we have our deposit/booking fee back?

Nope! Your booking fee is non-refundable. It guarantees your session and time slot, and we turn down other photo shoots for that period. We can reschedule for another date, but we cannot return your booking fee.

Will we receive high res digital images?

Yes, absolutely!

We will initially send through a low res sneak peek with the final remaining balance requested after the shoot, but once all amounts are settled we will send through a whole Dropbox folder of high res images (the amount of pics is determined by the package you select - and this number is an approximation based on the number of pics we usually secure during a family session - it may vary).

Can we get a USB of the images?

Yup! We do charge a small fee for USB sticks, please contact us for prices. Please note that we no longer offer CDs.

Will we receive any prints?

Our packages only include digital versions of the final selected images.

What are our printing options?

Head to our online store for all our amazing printing options, and read up all the options on our gorgeous photo books here.

Can we have the RAW/unedited pics?

Nope! That's like serving you half-cooked food, it's just plain dangerous. Hehe! Please read up my full reasoning behind this here.

We've noticed that you post a lot of shoots on social media and your website - we'd prefer not to - is that ok?

When we send through our sneak peek from the shoot we'll also send a request asking if it's ok if we share the images online. We will never share images online without your permission. Don't worry, we have your back.

Please note:

We at RDP are a fun, laid-back photographers, who will make your booking, photo shoot and post-production process as simple and easy as possible!

Our lovely office manager will guide you through the booking process with a few quick, efficient emails and is there to answer all your questions.

We are not studio photographers, and do not have a studio. Our style is all about capturing life just as it is, so we'll shoot in your family home or a great outdoor location such as Delta Park. We do not provide wardrobe, and think the best props are tickles, cuddles and smiles! We do not under any circumstances release raw or unedited photographs.

Please note that by paying your 50% deposit you agree to the information outlined in this blog post and accept it as one would accept terms and conditions.

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