• Robyn Davie

An Exciting New Collaboration

There's something just so lovely about finding a group of like-minded individuals who all bring something so unique, beautiful and interesting to the table that you just can't wait to sit down and start planning out your next project together - even when you're halfway through your current one!

And this is exactly what happened in the Spring of last year when our team first started chatting. We were initially all so busy we couldn't even sit down for a proper coffee, but email conversations were started, introductions were made and slowly but surely we came to trust that the people we were dealing with were all visionaries in their own right.

And that's when this Spring photo shoot came into existence - and more than that, a little seed was planted - an idea that grew into something that was bound to be more than just a simple directory of thousands and thousands of suppliers across South Africa (because how in the world are you supposed to choose from a directory like that?!), but something simple, something exclusive - a tiny hand-picked team that will come in and run your event, wedding or celebration from start to finish without you even needing to blink an eye.

Now that, that sounds like a little bit of heaven to me.

And so, without further ramblings, I'd love for you to head on over to this page, to see the little bits that make up just the beginning of your very own, very exclusive Little Black Book.