• Robyn Davie

A Fresh Change

This last week has been hard. It was just plain and simply one of those shitty ones when every tiny little thing seems to go wrong - I've missed out on a couple of great shoots, I've been dropping (and breaking) stuff like its no one's business, my technology seems to freeze up every time I glance at it, and a printing supplier really gave me quite a hard time with getting flyers printed. Silly little things, but all added together, and I could barely keep myself together!

So, I took a deep breath, and focused on a few small changes to lighten my mood and refresh my outlook.

1. Big Magic

I've been hearing about this book on-and-off for months. I finally took the plunge, and (two shopping centers later - yes, it's been that week!), found it and bought it. I've already started (now if only I can keep my eyes open to get past the first chapter!) and am excited to breathe more fresh creativity into my life through this book.

2. Facebook

Another thing I've been putting off for months is deleting the facebook app off my phone. Don't get me wrong - I love facebook, and most of all love how great it is for growing my business. But every single time there's even one red dot alerting me to a notification I have to click on it - I'm a little OCD like that - and it's a huge time waster for me! I feel lighter and more productive already!

3. Painted my nails

The girls should relate - a quick mini-at-home-mani and I feel just that little bit more rejuvenated and refreshed! And a little more pulled together!

4. Another silly one - I changed the background image on my phone. New image, new device, new me. Who knew?

5. Procrastination

Speaking of new things - I finally set aside a few hours to work on a new logo, business card design and a few website changes. Coming soon!

6. A Little R&R

My tiny studio is filled with dappled light in the afternoon, and a tinkling fountain outside. This Friday I stretched out on my tiny couch and treated myself to a mini nap. That said, a sushi dinner with a great friend, and a few laps around the neighborhood park with my cousin totally helped too!

I can't say I'm 100% back on my feet, but I'm certainly most of the way there, and the fog of this first-week-of-March is slowly passing.

What do you do to beat the mid-week slump? How do you fight off the doldrums?