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You, Baby and I: The Family Shoot with Social Media Mama Shaney

I mean, goodness me this shoot worked out better than I could have ever imagined :) I'd been chatting to Shaney from You, Baby and I for the past couple of months - see she's a mom blogger who has her head screwed on right, and over the last few months of following her incredible blog I was filled with tons of great insight into her mom-world, as well as heaps of more-than-perfect parenting tips and guides I'm going to be holding on to!

So it was so lovely to meet her in the flesh! She's just as calm and collected as she comes across on the blog, and it was just a pleasure hanging out with her :)

And then, least I forget (because, really, how could I?!) - how unbelievably adorable are her little ones?! I was so ready to just pack these two little munchkins into my car at the end of the shoot, hehe! It all came together perfectly - lovely Shaney, her sweet husband, cuter-than-cute munchkins, gorgeously coordinated outfits and a sunset that just kept on giving. Happiness!

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