• Robyn Davie

One Quick Goodbye: Family Photo Shoot Before Emigrating

This past Sunday morning was an absolute stunner - blue skies for days, lush green parks after a full week of rain, and a gorgeous extended family along to snap a few little pics.

We headed straight for the top dam at Delta Park - with heaps of shade, tranquil water and the greenest grass I've ever seen, it was the perfect location for the first set of magical pics. Little Josephine was a complete showstopper, and I just couldn't get enough of her incredibly blue eyes and captivating little smile!

It was so so lovely to spend an hour or so wondering the park with all three generations of this family, and to see just how patient, loving and gentle they all were with each other. There was so much tenderness and love between these family members that it was absolutely heartwarming.

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