• Robyn Davie

Photo Sharing: All About Dropbox

Dropbox is my preferred method of sharing photos with a client after a photo shoot. It's a quick and easy to use piece of software, and once you know the basics you'll struggle to imagine your life without it!

So, this is the simplest way to describe Dropbox:

It is like a big gigantic invisible CD or flash stick in the sky!

Instead of having to burn the photos onto a piece of plastic and head on over and drop it off with you, Dropbox is a virtual, invisible CD/flash stick, that we can use to transfer images between each other without using any plastic. (I'm being so environmentally friendly here!)

And it works in basically the same way as that a CD of images would - you stick the CD into your computer, you download or copy & paste the images onto your computer, and voila, the job is done.

In this case, you do have to download the Dropbox app or software onto your computer - it's free, and takes only a few minutes to load - and then you're all set to go!

Once you've installed the program, a Dropbox button will appear in your Finder or 'My Documents' folder, and you can simply select all images, and copy & paste them on to your own laptop - just like you would with a CD.

And then, the best part - you can send that link to all your friends and family so they can do the same thing! Family members that may be overseas, or clients in different cities, and on different continents. Which makes it SO much better than a CD.

I even have the Dropbox app on my phone - so if I'm away from my laptop for a few days, and desperately need to send a folder or a picture to a client I can do it from my phone!

It's also a great spot to keep digital copies of documents you may need at an inopportune moments - like when you're at the bank and forgot your ID at home - the digital version is saved safely in Dropbox on your phone! But I'm getting a little carried away here.

Here are the basics on how Dropbox works:

And if you feel like you'd like a little more information about this software, here's a video that's a bit more in-depth:

However, when all is said and done - I get it - some of us just don't get along well with technology. Let me know if this is the case, and we'll make a plan to get you a CD of pics :)

PS If it's been a while since our photo shoot and your pics have mysteriously "vanished" from your Dropbox folder, it may just be because the link has expired. Drop me an email, and I'll send you an updated link :)

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