• Robyn Davie

Top Eight Tricks for Perfect Family Photos

1. Don't look at the camera (too much!)

I'm here to capture gorgeous candid moments - look at your spouse, your kids, your friends and laugh and play and giggle. I'll let you know when I'm ready for you to look at me - and I'll be sure to cover all the possible combinations of posed pictures too!

2. Let the kids be kids

I love it when kids run and play and mess around! It makes for amazing photos! And I like to think I'm pretty darn good at reigning them back in when need be. Silly faces, autumn leaf throwing and bouncing on the bed all equals great genuine smiles and laughter!

3. Pay attention to the wardrobe guidelines

Nobody wants to look like a clone! Break out of the 90s blue-jeans-and-white-tee thing and rather give the family a colour theme to work around! Read up on my full post of wardrobe guidelines here.

4. Be aware of your kids moods/napping schedule

And let me know ASAP if you think it's best to reschedule because your little one is under the weather or may have a meltdown during the photo shoot! Trying to coax a smile out of a little munchkin who just wants to be in bed is tough! You know your kids best, just please give me as much advance warning as possible.

5. The best kind of props is no props at all

Besides from bubbles I've never wished that I had a prop on a family photo shoot! If you have hands for tickling and arms for cuddling then we are all set to go!

7. Be prepared for the winter chill

Family shoots in Autumn and Winter are great too! Read up about how to make the most of your chilly family session here (think hot chocolate, fireside chatting and cuddling in bed with storybooks!)

8. Live a little

Feeling a little stressed? I find there's nothing wrong with a bottle of wine or champagne to help ease the whole family into the photo shoot.

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