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Homemade Facial Masks: Pore Minimising Mask

Enlarged pores can cause acne and oily skin - but don't fear - you need those pores for all sorts of important things, like flushing out toxins, regulating temperature and moisturising dry skin.

Minimise the appearance of your large pores, while keeping your skin feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and oil free by mixing up this quick and easy face mask. Expect brighter, tighter skin after only fifteen minutes.


One egg white

One teaspoon orange juice

Half teaspoon turmeric powder


Whisk the egg white with orange juice and turmeric (a herb that has brightening properties - which evens out skin tone).

Be sure to wear an old shirt or towel while applying as turmeric can stain clothes.

Leave on for fifteen minutes, wash off with warm water once dried.


Egg white proteins are great for oily skin types, this tightens pores and zaps acne causing bacteria.

Expect: Brighter, tighter skin!


Disclaimer: Robyn and Stav have over fifteen years combined experience working in the film, fashion and photo industry, and the tips and tricks included in this blog post are gained from this experience. They are in no way medical professionals or skin specialists, but wish to impart some of the wealth of knowledge and secrets that they have gained over this period with their clients and readers. Consult your doctor or dermatologist if you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergic outbreaks before making use of this information.

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