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Skincare Tips: Twenty-Four Hours Before A Shoot

My wonderful friend Stav is my go-to make-up artist of choice whenever I need to book a make-up artist for a shoot, either for a client, or even for myself! More often than not we end up talking about the main part of her job - a client's skin.

She always tells me that she wishes her clients knew how to take care of their skin, but it's often a tricky conversation to have with someone face-to-face. So we sat down for an afternoon, and drew up this blog post, with a few tips on how to prepare your skin for a photo shoot - the day before, the week before, and better yet, for your whole life!

MEN - don't stop reading! This post is completely for you guys as well! There's no excuse for not taking good care of your skin as a guy, and it's surprisingly easy to do. These tips are for life, not just for photo shoots.

1. Sleep

We know that you're trolling Pinterest for make-up inspiration pics at 11pm the night before the shot, but give it a rest, but for reals. Hit the sack for at least 8 hours the night before your shoot - even if you're lying in bed reading a book, or listening to a Meditation or Calming app. This is important as it gives your body a chance to refuel, your skin a chance to rest and beats away those puffy eyes.

2. Get hydrated (and definitely not dehydrated!)

If you want to look your best for your photo shoot the next day, we recommend drinking LOTS of water in the 24 hour period leading up to your session. This also means not drinking alcohol the night before, you're supposed to be in bed anyway (see point one).

3. Exfoliate in the bath/shower and then moisturise well

It's a great idea to use an exfoliating brush, glove or loofah for an all-over body exfoliation the night before your photo shoot (and not on the day of, as you may be red and rashy). This removes dead, dull skin, and stimulates circulation and gives your skin a fresh new glow. Finish off this step with a full body application of moisturiser. A great product to use at this point is coconut oil, which can be applied to your body and face.

4. Eyemask the night before

Eye masks are great for reducing puffiness, dark circles, tired-looking eyes and for a brightening, plumper, toned effect. They also give you the chance to lie back and relax for fifteen minutes or so while they do their work. And we could all use a little more relaxation :)

5. Exercise

If you don't already have an exercise routine it's a good idea to do a brisk walk the afternoon before you photo session. This gets the blood pumping, the endorphins rushing and will help with a good night's sleep. However, exercise should be a part of your lifestyle, as the benefits are numerous.


Disclaimer: Robyn and Stav have over fifteen years combined experience working in the film, fashion and photo industry, and the tips and tricks included in this blog post are gained from this experience. They are in no way medical professionals or skin specialists, but wish to impart some of the wealth of knowledge and secrets that they have gained over this period with their clients and readers. Consult your doctor or dermatologist if you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergic outbreaks before making use of this information.

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