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Seven Reasons Why You Should Be Using Sunscreen Every Day

We get it, everyone is going on about sunscreen lately. It's getting a little boring. But really truly, they're not wrong.

Sunscreen is not just for the summer holidays, it's not just for the beach, it's not just for every now and then. This stuff is the real deal, and you need to be putting it on every single day.

If you haven't watched the below video yet, now is the time.

Now that you've watched that video, here are seven things to keep in mind:

1. Sunscreen, much like Robyn, sucks at maths. If you're using a foundation with SPF 15, and then a day cream with SPF 15, that doesn't mean you have coverage of SPF 30. You're still sitting on SPF 15.

2. It is widely reported that a minimum of SPF 30 is needed on a daily basis even if you are sitting in an office or classroom all day.

3. SPF coverage only lasts on average for about two hours. You can't just apply in the morning and think you're done for the day, especially if you're going to be out in the sun.

4. The sun is sneakier than you can imagine. Grass is more reflective than water, so layering it on at a picnic is just as important as next to a pool. And don't expect to get off easy when you're driving around town. Cars and pavements are bouncing UV rays straight on to you.

5. Bear in mind that sunscreen does expire, and will go off if left in a hot car or beach bag. Keep it fresh.

6. It may seem like quite an expense, but this is an investment in your skin, your self and your future. Be sure to check your local pharmacy for the best possible brands.

7. And while we're talking about checking out all the brands, there's a sunscreen out there that's been specially formulated just for your skin - so you don't have the excuse of trying to avoid sticky, oily sunscreen anymore. Sprays, powders and mists have opened up the marketplace in terms of sunscreen options.

Disclaimer: Robyn and Stav have over fifteen years combined experience working in the film, fashion and photo industry, and the tips and tricks included in this blog post are gained from this experience. They are in no way medical professionals or skin specialists, but wish to impart some of the wealth of knowledge and secrets that they have gained over this period with their clients and readers. Consult your doctor or dermatologist if you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergic outbreaks before making use of this information.

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