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The Best Items for Models & Actors to Pack in Their Photo Shoot Bag

1. Eye drops

Even if you've had a good night's sleep, sometimes a dry climate, long day or eye irritation can get the better of you.

Red eyes take hours and hours of photoshop to remove, please keep eye drops in your photo shoot bag and we'll love you for it!

2. Lint roller

Your bag of clean, ironed clothes can still end up covered in lint, hair or dust while shooting. This is another photoshop pet peeve, and keeping your clothes lint-free is all about making the photographer your friend!

3. Moisturiser/Body Lotion

Great skincare is the first step to creating a good base for beautiful make-up that will look amazing in photographs. Visit these posts for tips on how to prepare your skin for a shoot 24 hours before the shoot, a week before the shoot and for your lifetime. Bring a bottle of moisturiser or body lotion with you to the shoot for dry skin.

4. Sunscreen lotion

You never know how much time you'll spend outdoors on a shoot, and it's best to have your own sunscreen with you to ensure you don't end the day looking like a lobster (especially if there may be a second or third day for the shoot!). Even if it's overcast you can still get sunburnt. For more sunscreen tips, visit this post.

5. Hair brush/comb

Multiple outfit changes and windy days can create fly-aways that are also a photoshop nightmare. Come prepared to keep your hair in check.

6. Wet wipes

Wet wipes are a complete go-to on shoots, and should be in everyone's bag. They make for quick and easy clean ups of spills, make-up messes and any accidental stains on clothing.

7. Deodorant

Let's keep it fresh y'all! Days on set can be long, sweaty and hot. Prevention is better than cure.

8. Nail polish options

Ideally your nails should be clean, clear of nail polish and trimmed to an acceptable length. You can always check in with the photographer or make-up artist before the shoot just to be sure your nails fit the brief of the shoot. Bring a few options of clear and neutral nail polishes with you.

9. Black, beige and white underwear options

In case of sheer wardrobe choices, always be sure to have options in terms of underwear at a photo shoot.

10. Shoe options

Be sure to check in with the photographer/stylist before the shoot to make sure you are bringing the right shoes for the day. This also includes a pair of slippers/flip flops which are easy to slip on and off in between looks/takes.

11. Books/magazines/school work

This job is ALL about patience. There can be long hours of just sitting around waiting when on a shoot - be sure to bring stuff along to keep yourself occupied. No one likes a restless model/actor getting in the way!

12. Snacks and water

Shoot days can be long and tiresome, it's important to keep your energy up, and keep yourself hydrated so your skin looks fresh and dewy. We recommend packing snacks and water in your shoot bag.


Disclaimer: Robyn and Stav have over fifteen years combined experience working in the film, fashion and photo industry, and the tips and tricks included in this blog post are gained from this experience. They are in no way medical professionals or skin specialists, but wish to impart some of the wealth of knowledge and secrets that they have gained over this period with their clients and readers. Consult your doctor or dermatologist if you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergic outbreaks before making use of this information.

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