• Robyn Davie

Discovering New Friends Through Instagram

I've recently really started to get into the whole new world that has been presented to me through social media, and am so so glad that I am! Because I find myself making INCREDIBLE new friends - mostly with amazing photographers!

It's so great to meet like-minded individuals, not afraid to sit down and chat and share stories of nightmare clients, insider tips and offer a bit of support and encouragement! I find it only serves to grow this industry we're in, and truly fuel a bit of a creative fire inside me as well.

So it was really lovely to meet up with Judith Belle, a brilliant photographer who's work I have admired for a while now, and hang out under the trees at Delta Park. We sat on a log and chatted for ages while waiting for the light to become truly perfect, and then snapped some amazing pictures.

And yes, she is soon to welcome a little munchkin - I can't wait to meet the little one!!

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