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A Little Bit Of Change And A Big Announcement

I have now restarted this paragraph seven times. That's a lot of times. Especially since when I was washing the dishes and writing this post in my head it sounded so well thought out, so concise. Now I put my hands to the keyboard, and it's a bit of a mumble-jumble.

See, it's the funny thing about having a blog. This thing of sharing, but not over-sharing; this thing of letting people in, but where's the line; this thing of telling the good stories, but leaving out the bad.

I was going to say the past six months have been a time of huge change for me, but the truth is the past twelve years have been. Since leaving high school - the last time that I had one set course for a long time period - I have lived so many different paths, in so many places (including incredible adventures to Tokyo, Shanghai, Cape Town and Los Angeles!), trying out so many different careers. I've journeyed through this time with different friends, different partners, different mindsets. There has been very little about the past twelve years that has stayed fixed for a particularly long time.

And I'm grateful for that, because, despite the oftentimes feeling of being out on a stormy sea, in a tiny row boat rocking on the waves, the constant change has allowed me to live many different lives and to adapt to each, sure with some hiccups along the way, but in the end it has been a thrilling adaptation. I think it has left me incredibly willing to try out new adventures, new tastes, new business ventures. It has made me not afraid to say yes.

So, when my life swung in yet another round-about recently, it only seemed right to embrace that change and with it, a new beginning, another great adventure.

And the perfect reminder that sometimes you may be on one track, but that doesn't mean that it is the only track.

So life lesson out of the way, now for a little fun announcement! Some of you may have known that I was planning on being overseas for fairly large chunk of this year - those plans have completely changed!

I will now be based in Johannesburg and available for photo shoots for most of 2017 (besides for a few brief patches overseas, one upcoming that I'm particularly excited about - follow me on instagram to see where I end up!). YAY! I'm incredibly excited about the way my business is growing and changing, and so unbelievably touched by the incredible support and encouragement shown to me by my clients, friends and family! So thank you all :)

PS you can read up a little bit more about some of my previous adventures here. I'm also doing my best to schedule in more time for sharing my current adventures (including just the mini ones in and around Johannesburg!), and to feature a little bit more in terms of daily on-goings, so stay tuned to this little ol' blog if you like ;)

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