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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Kamers/Makers Market Experience

Oh my goodness, today was my first time visiting the Kamers market, and I just LOVED it! Such fun!

So if you too are a newbie, or even a seasoned pro, here are a few tips on how to run through this gorgeous experience and come out a winner!

1. Grab a glass as soon as you come through the main entrance - we missed the bar just to the right of the entrance, but now you don't have to make the same mistake! Browsing with a bit of bubbly is just the best :)

2. Start browsing and just don't stop! This market winds through the grounds of St John's - which are HUGE! And every room and hall and courtyard is bursting with interesting stalls.

3. Admire the architecture! Speaking of St John's, this school is over 100 years old, and absolutely beautiful. Look up.

4. Tuck in! As a midway break during our explorations, my mom and I stopped off for lunch in the food courtyard, and then grabbed some more goodies for dinner too!

5. Stock up :) This place is a GREAT spot to build up a little stockpile of gifts for birthdays, baby showers and Christmas! There's an amazing range of prices to suit any budget, and you may just sneak in a few gifts for yourself too! My faves are all the jewellery and ceramics!

6. Wear comfy shoes! We originally thought we would be there for about an hour or so - and three or four hours we were out of there! There is just so much to see, drink in (and up!) and feast on.

7. Chat to the store owners. It was so lovely to experience how incredibly passionate these makers and creators are, and how much pride they have in their processes! A lot of them come up from Cape Town, and all across South Africa, trucking up boxes and boxes of supplies, tables, shelving and more. Just amazing!

8. Pop the kids and hubby down in the beautiful central courtyard and sneak off down little alleyways to find more hidden treasures!

9. Leave the cash at home. Kamers is a cash-free zone, but they'll happily swipe your credit card for you!

10. Still pondering over a bigger purchase? You can always sleep on it:

A little more info? Here's the Facebook event.

The market runs from 26 - 30 April 2017 at St John's, Johannesburg.

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