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Meet the Associates - Holly!

I'm so very excited about this aspect of my business - namely my associate photographer program, whereby I employ young photographers, train them and watch them flourish as they set out on photographic assignments and projects. This incredible team have such a creative eye for taking photos. They are reliable, fun to be around, and always astonish me with their beautiful captures of kids birthdays, weddings and corporate events. To find out more about how my associate photographer program works please follow this link.

But in the meantime - meet Holly!



Where did you grow up:

Hilton, Kwa-Zulu Natal

What is your best, most treasured childhood memory:

Climbing into my parent’s bed on Saturday mornings and being tickled and listening to my dad tell my brother and I the adventures of the ‘woozlebug’ who lived below the headboard of their bed.

What is your favourite part of South Africa and why:

I’ve travelled all over this country and I could never choose only one. I love the barren landscape of the Karoo, the bustle of our cities, the majesty of the Drakensburg and the stretches of white sand along the lip of the sea. Each place, from Cape Town to Dullstroom to Richtesveld, hold a magic that can only be found in Africa.

How long have you been shooting for (tell us about your photographic journey):

During a gap year overseas, I started photographing my travels. A small photography brand flourished out of this, but eventually, my insatiable desire to know more about photography and my love for people brought me to RDP in 2016. Since then, I have been challenged to learn and grow more than ever.

What is your best part of a family photo session:

The genuine, deep-rooted laughter and companionship between people who know and accept everything about each other.

Why do you like shooting for the RDP brand:

Robyn allows us space to be creative in our own ways, while still training us to be excellent photographers. She teaches and shows us how to notice the smallest special moment and capture it in the most beautiful way to be remembered. Robyn is an incredible mentor, an exceptional photographer and all-round superwoman. It’s an honour to work with and learn from her.

If you could eat only one food forever, what would it be:

Pasta pasta pasta. It’s all I eat already, really.

What are three words your friends would use to describe you:

Servant-hearted, joyful, adventurous

Your go-to outfit:

A bright, patterned dress

What are you passionate about (besides photography):

Design, travelling, empowerment, women leadership, laughter, deep friendships and white wine.

Have a peek at the associate's portfolios on this page.

Robyn Davie Photography is a full in-house photography service, and all associate bookings are handled by Robyn and her office manager. We handle all client communication, pre- and post-production and ensure that your photographer is fully briefed and ready for the session on your shoot date.

Please note that associate bookings are based on skill set and availability, not client preference. Robyn assigns each associate to each project personally.

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