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Meet the Associates - Gemma!

Goodness you guys, have I told you about this new aspect of my business that I am so excited about?! I've been building up my little brand with some fantastic new photographers!

This is not a referral system - these amazing photographers shoot for me, their images are curated and edited by myself and my editing team, and the final product bears all the trademarks of a Robyn Davie Photography photograph.

I have absolute faith in my team and personally hand pick the right associate for each job based on their skill set.This means that even as my calendar fills up there's always an incredible photographer available to document your event, family shoot and kids party!

So - meet Gemma!


Gemma Garman

Where did you grow up:

Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape.

What is your best, most treasured childhood memory:

Growing up in a small town meant that there just wasn’t a lot going on. Once a month we would drive to Port Elizabeth to stock up, and I would get to spend a few hours at an arcade and at Sweets for Heaven. I spent hours trying to figure what sweets to spend my R10 on.

What is your favourite part of South Africa and why:

The Eastern Cape. I know I’m bias, because I come from the Eastern Cape, but really, it is a spectacular and seriously underrated part of South Africa.

How long have you been shooting for (tell us about your photographic journey):

I studied Fine Art at university and studied photography while there, but I really only starting pursuing photography as a career about 3 years ago. My first job required a lot of desk time and I was becoming increasingly unhappy with it. My long suffering partner, who had to deal with lots of rants about how unhappy I was, bought me my first camera and encouraged me to begin changing careers. I started going on Instameets and attending photography classes in the evenings and when I eventually felt confident enough with my photography skills I approached Robyn and began assisting and learning from her.

What is your best part of a family photo session:

The moment after the posed photographs are over, and the family gets to play and chat while I capture all those candid moments between them. I love the insight that I get into the wonderful lives of all the families that we photograph.

Why do you like shooting for the RDP brand:

Robyn believes that the learning process is never over, which means that we are always taking on new challenges. I began assisting Robyn and now go on many different kinds of shoots on my own as a result of her teaching and encouragement.

If you could eat only one food forever, what would it be:

NACHOS. All the nachos, ever.

What are three words your friends would use to describe you:

I asked my friends this question and they said, “look at thumbs." I have strange thumbs. On further investigation and once they stopped making fun of me their answer was: straight talker, loyal, empathetic.

Your go-to outfit:

High waisted jeans and a t-shirt.

What are you passionate about (besides photography):

My other main area of interest is in assisting freelancers with administrative support. Being a freelancer is tough and there isn’t a lot of support and resources available to those in the gig economy. I love the challenges that each freelancer brings and I love assisting them with getting their businesses up and running.

Have a peek at the associate's portfolios on this page.

Robyn Davie Photography is a full in-house photography service, and all associate bookings are handled by Robyn and her office manager. We handle all client communication, pre- and post-production and ensure that your photographer is fully briefed and ready for the session on your shoot date.

Please note that associate bookings are based on skill set and availability, not client preference. Robyn assigns each associate to each project personally.

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