• Robyn Davie

Making Changes

Are you more of a planner or a go-with-the-flow kinda human?

I definitely consider myself to be more of a planner, a bit of a control freak and someone who is rather ridiculously organised. Which is certainly very useful in a lot of aspects of life and business, but my goodness I definitely do spend a lot of time wondering and worrying about the future and what's coming next.

One of my very marvellous friends is ridiculously good at just going with the flow, and I am envious of her ability to just let things happen, and see where she ends up. It's a quality that I'd definitely like to be able to embrace more myself!

I stumbled across an Instagram post last night that has really stuck with me, and I keep going back and reading and re-reading. Have a peek:

"The journey is worth so much more than reaching the destination.

The value, the substance, all the good stuff becomes visible

once you take your focus off the destination and where you 'wish you were' and start focusing on the 'everyday'.

The journey. The experience. The moments life are made of.

I believe this applies to life, as well as business."

- Christine Meintjes

So maybe it really is time to make some changes and try and let go of a bit of my control-freakishness. Do you have the same issue?

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