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Meet Grace: Our Fabulous Office Manager

I am so gosh darn lucky to have such an incredible team of women around me as part of my team at RDP - and I've received so many wonderful compliments from clients who've had the pleasure of setting up their photo session through our fab office manager Grace.

She is the epitome of bright happy sunshine on a daily basis, and handles each client query with the upmost concern and care!

Get to know her a bit better below...

Name: Grace Van Tonder

Where did you grow up: Pretoria

What is your best, most treasured childhood memory:

Definitely that time my dad blessed my sister and I with a horse of our own - many, many fond memories followed with our precious Sensation!

What is your favourite part of South Africa and why:

Cape Town, without a doubt! What an absolutely majestic place - there is something so calming about the wondrous beaches and beautiful picturesque mountains - what indescribable natural beauty! At any point you can have the mountains and the ocean in your peripheral vision - how amazing! I am definitely a foodie - and Cape Town has some of the best artisan foodie markets, gourmet restaurants, and bakeries around! I love that you can go exploring all the delightful European architecture found throughout the city - it's very ‘European’ with its plazas, and town squares. LOVE the healthy and positive lifestyle that exudes from the very heart of Cape Town! My heart is definitely stolen!

Why do you like working for the RDP brand:

I love our style of shooting at RDP - natural and timeless, unposed and nothing pretentious! It's all about having fun! Robyn is an inspiration - I love how she cares so much for each and every one of her clients and building friendships, but more so the love and dedication that is poured into every session is completely evident. I love how much dedication and advice is always shared with the team and how Robyn always has her door wide open for all of us. A true focus on relational/family building and caring brand! What a wonderful team to be apart of.

If you could eat only one food forever, what would it be:

You're making me choose?? Oh my word...hmm...It would have to be doughnuts - eek!

What are three words your friends would use to describe you:

Compassionate, friendly, soft natured

Your go-to outfit:

Skinny white washed jeans, a cute and pretty chic top with my beloved white all stars (just throw on a pair of heels and voila - takes casual to formal! ;) )

What are you passionate about (besides photography/running the RDP office):

Let's see...definitely travelling and exploring with my hubby! My two beautiful cats.

Red Cappuccinos!! Rose gold and blush pink stationery - this could definitely be a slight problem!

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