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My Recent Personal Branding Session

I think personal branding shoots are so important for a large variety of professions - especially those that need engaging content for their social media platforms or that have a large online presence.

Below you can see some snaps from one of my own personal branding sessions - during which we aim to get a large variety of content in order to have a good few months' worth of posts for all our platforms.

Have a read through this post on how to get the most out of your personal branding session.

I'm very excited about this new aspect of my business - namely my associate photographer program, whereby I employ young photographers, train them and watch them flourish as they set out on photographic assignments and projects. This incredible team have such a creative eye for taking photos. They are reliable, fun to be around, and always astonish me with their beautiful captures of kids birthdays, weddings and corporate events. To find out more about how my associate photographer program works please follow this link. http://www.robyndavie.com/associate-photographers

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