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A Little Chat With Amazing Mom Blogger Tanya Kovarsky

Tanya Kovarsky is an award-winning blogger at Rattle and Mum, and also has her own communications and content agency, K2 Communications. She is fuelled by books, coffee (never instant), sneakers, makeup and Paris trips.

It was an absolute pleasure to chat to her about how she juggles prepping herself for family photo shoots, keeping the kids happy and amused and how much she loves to run :)

1. How do you prep yourself for a family photo shoot? (Any skincare, eating, exercising etc tips).

As much as I always try to lose 5kg before a shoot and lose my double chin, it never quite happens! Once or twice I had my hair done before a shoot, and another time I went to MAC to have makeup done. Unfortunately the shoot was rained out (though my mascara didn’t budge), and rightly or wrongly, I’ve kept things more natural since then. I won’t not put on lots of foundation though!

2. What is your best tip for keeping your little munchkins happy and amused during a family photo session?

With my toddler, I guess it’s about listening to what her needs are. If she wants to be held, I oblige. If she doesn’t want clips in her hair, I’d rather not fight it. She takes the lead mostly, and the results have been good so far. My son is pretty chilled, but I’m sure I’ve had to motivate (read: bribe) him with a truck or digger back in the day. His one deal breaker is jeans – he hates wearing them nowadays, so to avoid discomfort all round, he doesn’t wear them.

3. What is your favourite Jozi spot to hang out with your kids at?

We like the Delta, and our local community park.

4. What is your best trick for getting a smile out of your little ones?

Sometimes it’s a tickle, or a shoulder ride, or throwing them up in the air. The latter isn’t possible with my nine-year-old any more though.

5. What favourite moment/activity would you really love to have captured with your family?

I think running with my kids – either pushing my daughter in her jogging pram, or running a race together with my son.

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