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Chatting with the Oh-So-Lovely Refilwe

We got to have a quick chat with this beautiful mom recently about her experience and tips for a maternity session! Thanks darling Refilwe for chatting with us.

1. How do you prep yourself for a family photo shoot? (Any skincare, eating, exercising etc tips)

We like to keep our shoots as authentic as possible depicting as exactly as we are as a family in every day life. So besides making sure that my husband gets a good haircut before the shoot and that I have complimentary outfits for everyone, we're pretty relaxed for shoot days.

2. What advice would you give other pregnant moms on how to make the photo shoot process easier on themselves?

Listen to your photographer and relax! Also I found that mornings aren't the best for many preggy mommies especially if you are further along like I was. So it's better to book an afternoon shoot, wear really comfy clothes and shoes and enjoy the shoot! 3. What is your favourite Jozi spot to hang out with your tiny humans at?

Our 2 year old really loves dogs and being outdoors more than anything so we usually hang out at Delta Park (since you introduced it to us, lol). We also love hanging out at the zoo or Pappachinos for a nice family lunch.

4. What do you think is the best timeframe to take pictures when pregnant?

Definitely the afternoon as mornings can be a bit difficult for a preggy mommy. 5. What favourite moment/activity would you really love to have captured with your family?

I think having our Saturday and Sunday mornings captured would be great, especially with the arrival of our little one, our mornings are a little crazy with two kids now but still super special.

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