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My Five Quick Tips for Better Family Photos

1. Always snap your family photos during magic hour - that beautiful time around sunrise and sunset when the light gets soft, warm and flattering! This means fewer wrinkles, less eye-watering-blinking-into-the-sun, and a fab glow to your pics.

2. You know your kids better than anyone - and if they've had a rough night, or are feeling under the weather it's going to be really hard to coax a smile out of them!

I always say happy, well-rested kids make for happier photos - so rather reschedule if they're having a bad day, and make sure your photo shoot day isn't overloaded with lots of other activities that will tire them out.

3. And then let your kids just be kids - they're going to get really bored of smiling at the camera, so I always encourage a lot of fun, tickling and running around during a photo shoot! We do awesome things like climbing trees, blowing bubbles and getting dad to throw the little ones in the air - this is how we get the best, most genuine smiles, and that's what I love!

4. For the moms - your kids love you just the way you are - every smile line, every wrinkle, every little part of you. They will always remember you the way you are right now - strong, brave, loving and everything they need in the world. Take a deep breath, let go of your insecurities, and bathe in their love for an afternoon.

It will really show in the final photos.

5. And my final tip - book a session with our team of photographers at Robyn Davie Photography - we aim to always be ahead of the curve with our fresh, bold and bright style of photography which is all about capturing your gorgeous memories and moments in the most emotive, beautiful way possible.

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