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Day Two | Big Giveaway Week

This type of photo shoot is very quickly becoming one of my absolute favourites - it's such a great chance for a brand or business to really dig deep on how they want to portray themselves and their brand online and on social media.

And then for us to come up with the way in which to tell that story through photographs. With each of these sessions we're aiming for at least a few months' worth of social media content, a couple of great head shots, and some images for online use on websites etc.

Up for grabs for the next 24 hours - a value personal branding package by Robyn Davie Creative!

How to enter:

1. Like the original FB or IG post with this giveaway.

2. Follow Robyn Davie Photography AND Robyn Davie Creative on FB & IG (links below)

3. Comment on the FB/IG post and tag a friend.

(Each comment and tag is an entry, so you can tag and enter as many times as you like!)





Prize particulars:


- includes 10-15 edited digital photos - includes 2-3 outfit changes (optional) - includes up to one hour shoot time - includes approximately 4-5 hours editing time - limited to 1 person per shoot

T&Cs apply.


  • Entrants must like & follow BOTH the Robyn Davie Photography AND Robyn Davie Creative Facebook AND Instagram pages in order to be placed into the draw.

  • Any requested changes/additions to the prize particulars will be paid for by the client.

  • The prize must be claimed within 6 months of the competition date, or is forfeit.

  • Winner must reside within Johannesburg, or be prepared to travel to Johannesburg to claim their prize.

  • Travel distances over 15km from Parktown North will be charged.

  • We do not under any circumstances release unedited or RAW images from a photo session.

  • Images may not otherwise be altered or edited without the permission of the photographer. This includes using special filters.

  • Photo shoot vouchers/winnings are not transferable or refundable.

  • All of these terms and conditions also apply to the associate photographers and independent contractors who work for Robyn Davie Photography.

Thank you for taking the time to read this to the bottom.

By entering the competition you accept the clauses outlined above, as one would do by signing a contract.

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