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Meet the Team: Dana


Dana Toerien

Where did you grow up:


What is your best, most treasured childhood memory:

As a kid, I had (and still have) a wild imagination. I used to explore the neighbourhood parks with my friends and we used to pretend to be jungle animals. Sometimes we were baby gorillas, other times we were butterflies. Our versatility knew no bounds haha.

What is your favourite part of South Africa and why:

There is such a warmth and openness to the people here that you don't find anywhere else. And of course the incredibly varied landscapes are so unique and special. I feel very privileged to be able to call this place home.

How long have you been shooting for (tell us about your photographic journey):

For my 20th birthday present, my family bought me an entry level DSLR. Since then, it's always been by my side whenever I travel and explore. For the past year or so, I have started taking it more seriously, doing online tutorials to learn more about the technical aspects. It now makes up a large part of my income as a freelancer.

What is your best part of a family photo session:

I love capturing the raw emotion that comes from the kids. Whether their dad is swinging them around in the air, or they've just discovered a pinecone on the ground, it brings me so much happiness to capture that natural, innocent and pure emotion in a photograph.

Why do you like shooting for the RDP brand:

I really love the relationship we have with our clients. From the start, we treat them like they are old friends. We create such a relaxed, fun and respectful environment during the shoots, so many customers are long-term clients. It's so awesome to get feedback after a photoshoot, knowing that you have brought so much happiness to a family.

If you could eat only one food forever, what would it be:

Olives. Without a doubt.

What are three words your friends would use to describe you:

Curious, light-hearted, calm.

Your go-to outfit:

Leggings, army boots, and a snug jersey

What are you passionate about (besides photography):

My passion is documentary filmmaking. I have made a series of short documentaries on people and places that inspire me, and have just started working on my first feature film.

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