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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Event or Party Photo Session

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First up, we'd love to chat about the number one most important thing that our style of photography is know for - that glorious glistening light, and "blurry" background, as seen in the below photograph of the little girl holding her Easter eggs.

This kind of light happens primarily during the hour or two around sunrise and sunset, and is a signature of our family photography because we do all my family photo shoots either very early in the morning or very late in the afternoon. Please read up more about the magic of magic hour here.

We completely understand that having your little one's birthday party during the middle of the day is the most practical arrangement, and our team will endeavour to make your photographs just as magical, but we do need to start with a little disclaimer - the light during the early morning (around 6-8am) and late afternoon (around 4-7pm) is the number one factor in what makes beautiful photographs.

So please bear that in mind and choose carefully between booking a full-on family photo session (if you'd like to capture a heap of wonderfully intimate moments with your family) or if you'd like to book an event shoot (if you'd like to have all the little moments - decor, guests, singing happy birthday etc etc).

Or, book both! ;)

We offer a 20% discount when two shoots are booked and paid for at the same time.

Now that that's out of the way, let's chat about what else can make for magical photographs of your upcoming event (and this post applies to kids parties, adults' birthday shindigs, baby showers, engagements parties etc etc!).


Gorgeous green gardens and parks are going to make for the best backdrops to any event.


We always suggest that we start with the photo session about 15 minutes before the guests arrive. This allows for a nice chance to take a few pics of the IMMEDIATE family (mom, dad and grandparents only please for this session!), as well as some snaps of the birthday girl/boy before the party kicks off, and some gorgeous decor and cake pics.

Please note that this is about five minutes max of family photo time. Once again, if you'd like to book a family photo session, this needs to be a separate booking.

We always snap a nice selection of decor and cake pics as often quite a bit of time and thought has gone into these aspects of the party, and they create a nice overview of the party as a whole. We also feel it will be a lovely trip down memory lane when in ten or twenty years time you can look back and re-live all the details and moments of the day :)

Please do bear in mind that your little one may be a little overwhelmed by all the activity and heightened stress levels before an event, and that posing for pictures may not be something they're particularly interested in doing. Once again, this is how an event shoot differs from a family photo session. There is also often a flurry of activity setting up for the party, and welcoming early arrivals, so this is just a couple of quick family snaps.


Our aim on the day is to get a nice variety of posed and candid photographs, to capture the vibe of the party, as well as document who was there. Ideally we'd love for your event to feel like a party, not a staged photo shoot, so our team aims to hang back a bit at this stage and let the party unfold, with only brief interjections for posed pics.

We loved the pics from the below party - with everyone dressed in a similar colour theme! It really adds to the final product.


All of the gorgeous photographs in this post have been taken by our associate team - photographers who are creative, fun to be around and incredible at what they do!

As our business grows and develops it's been amazing to be able to expand it by taking on photographers whom Robyn has trained up in her own style, and to watch them flourish!

Please take a minute to read up more about our photographic team by following this link.


Our aim is for your event to be as stress-free and fun as possible! My team and I have a very precise shot list for your event, and a fool-proof formula for snapping the best possible overview of your event.

So sit back, relax and let us snap away :) We got this :)


We love a party that starts just before sunset - it's so gorgeous for the pre-party pics, and sunset vibes are always such a win :)

Our team are also adept at subtle flash photography - the kind that isn't blinding, doesn't destroy the ambience, but also captures the vibe of the party just as it is.


We'll chat on email while organising your booking, but please do note that if you've booked a photographer for a two hour period (say, 1-3pm for example), that is the time that they will be at the venue shooting pics for you. If your guests are running late and you would like to book an extra hour on the day, please chat to the photographer at the time. We can not reschedule or move the shoot the day of, as we often have back-to-back shoots booked.

Ready to get chatting?

Please email our lovely office manager at hello@robyndavie.com with the following information:

Date and time of the event:



Number of guests (kids and adults):


Special requests:

Please note: we are a team of fun, laid-back photographers, who will make your booking, photo shoot and post-production process as simple and easy as possible! We are not studio photographers, and do not have a studio. Our style is all about capturing life just as it is, so we'll shoot in your family home or a great outdoor location such as Delta Park. We do not provide wardrobe, and think the best props are tickles, cuddles and smiles! We do not under any circumstances release raw or unedited photographs.

Please note that by paying your 50% deposit you agree to the information outlined in this blog post and accept it as one would accept terms and conditions.

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