• Robyn Davie

Meet the Team: Jenna



Where did you grow up:

Orange Grove, North-Eastern suburbs of Johannesburg

What is your best, most treasured childhood memory:

Afternoons spent baking with my older cousin in a big, sunny kitchen that always smelled like chocolate-chip cookies

What is your favourite part of South Africa and why:

Mpumalanga, specifically the Sabie valley - there's so much natural beauty and photogenic scenery (waterfalls, forests) and it's a stone's-throw from the Kruger National Park, which has a special place in my heart.

How long have you been shooting for (tell us about your photographic journey):

I've been taking photographs since the age of ten or eleven, ever since I first held an orange plastic disposable camera in my hands. I upgraded to a silver Canon point-and-shoot when I turned twelve, and delved into digital photography on a more creative level during high school (at around seventeen). I was the only one of my classmates to choose photography as a medium for my art finals in Matric, and decided to pursue photography as a career after school. I studied for two years at Vega and obtained a Higher and Advanced certificate in professional photography, and have been freelancing for four and a half years.

What is your best part of a family photo session:

Seeing how family members interact, and the special bonds between them. It warms my heart to no end to see the love between people, and to be able to capture that in an image.

Why do you like shooting for the RDP brand:

There is a special and personal connection between Robyn and all of her clients - they have a lot of trust in the brand, and that trust translates to a warmth and love that all of the associates feel when we get to go out on shoots.

If you could eat only one food forever, what would it be:

SUSHI. Sushi for every meal, every day.

What are three words your friends would use to describe you:

Creative, funny, weird (in a good way)

Your go-to outfit:

Jeans, a comfy knit sweater, and trainers.

What are you passionate about (besides photography):

Animal rescue! I volunteer monthly at a shelter in Hennopsrivier called Woodrock Animal Rescue, and assist in an annual donation collection and distribution effort called the Winter Blanket Drive (where we gather and distribute donated food and blankets to various animal rescue organizations around the country). All of my furbabies are adopted.

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