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A Little Austrian Shindig

It was more than a year ago that my gorgeous friends Jem and Guy first reached out to me to chat about their wedding photography, and I knew that with these two humans who absolutely love living outside of the box, that this wedding was going to be more than spectacular!

Their initial brief of a game reserve get-together morphed over the course of a year - and I was beyond thrilled when they instead asked me to document not just one, but TWO weddings - first a family-focused backyard summer evening party out at the Vaal, and then a snow-filled ski holiday with friends a couple of weeks later in Austria!

And that's the kind of thing that you just don't say no to.

Here are a few of my absolute fave snaps from the day, and scroll on down to the bottom of this post for a little sneaky personal announcement.

One of my highlights of the day was the impromptu, unstaged nature of it. The wedding took place just outside a restaurant, along the edge of a ski slope. There was no need for big prep rooms - the guys got ready in the garage, alongside boxes of soup and a snowplough. The chickas did their make-up in the bathroom downstairs, and applied finishing touches in the tiny loft room - next to piles of toilet rolls and wood for the winter fires.

It was so wonderfully authentic and real.

The aisle started winding through the restaurant itself - filled to the brim with skiers stopping in for a drink! They all cheered as the bridal party made their way through the crowd.

Photographing this wedding was a real leap outside of my comfort zone - having never been called upon to photograph ANYTHING in the snow, in the middle of the day, under bright bright blue skies, surrounded by white outfits and sparkly tops. I could barely see what I was shooting at times as it was so incredibly bright.

But somehow, all of those elements combined perfectly, and it was a glorious day on the slopes.

Who needs a sparkler exit when you can have a ski pole exit?? Hehe!

Even me, I was wearing a sparkly top!

Everyone looked SO glamorous in the snow, with their smart suits and furs. Just looking at all these pics makes me want to go back there instantly!

And then of course, when you have a wedding halfway up a ski slope, the only way down is to ski! The whole wedding party strapped their skis back on, and heading down the mountain for the reception...

...including the bride! She tied up her custom Joel Janse van Vuuren wedding dress and skied down with the rest of them!

One stop down and I gathered the wedding party together for some posed portraits in the shade of a rather gigantic mountain (and look - a forest!). Wedding perfection you guys.

Goodness you guys, it was all kinds of magical snowy bliss that day in the little town of Lech in Austria. It was beyond a dream to spend a week in this spot, and to get to photograph two of my absolute favourite humans special day.

Thank you so much lovely Jem & Guy. I wish you endless years of wedded bliss, and many more perfectly photographable moments (hehe!). Love you guys xx

And now for that little announcement I hinted at!

This gorgeous snow-topped wedding celebration rings in my official retirement from wedding photography.

While weddings have never been our primary focus here at RDP, we have been completely honoured to have documented a handful of gorgeous unions over the past few years - each of which I have absolutely loved documenting, and the images from which I still cherish to this day.

One BIG thing that I have learnt over the past seven years of being in this business is that it is so SO important to follow your passion - and for us, our passion lies in family photography, small event sessions and corporate head shots/personal branding sessions.

We're still going to be taking on all the other amazing photographic adventures around a wedding - from engagement parties to rehearsal dinners, from big extended family shoots (while everyone is in town for the wedding) to stunning afternoon kitchen teas.

Just pop our lovely office manager Grace an email on hello@robyndavie.com for prices and packages.

Thank you for your continued loyal support of my brand and business over the past seven years - it really does mean the world to me <3 xxx

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