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Weekly Round Up

It's really important to us here at RDP that we do more than just inundate you with endless photos from our sessions.

We really want to create more of a community than that - and that's why our facebook feed is filled to the brim with great articles and posts, about everything from parenting tips, to financial matters and sustainability articles.

There is just so much more we want to do with this platform than just sell you another photo shoot!

And it seems like this content is working for you, as we receive such great feedback on it, and see it shared far and wide.

So, to continue that trend, here are some of our fave articles from the corners of the web.

1. Tips for new parents “Resist the temptation to research the hell out of every single decision. Having a baby is time consuming enough without going down a rabbit hole of baby carriers. Choose one or two moms to have on speed dial as needs arise, and just buy what they tell you to, and do what they do.” — Gina Hamaday

2. Always learning

"Many of us follow a pretty typical education trajectory: from elementary and middle school, to high school, maybe college or university, and sometimes beyond. But learning doesn’t have to stop once our formal education wraps up. At some point or another we all have to learn new skills, whether it’s to grow a skillset for work, to support a career change, or maybe it’s just for fun."

3. Movie night

Have you seen this cute rom com on Netflix? It's all of the good feels.

4. Truth

"I had a miscarriage. There I said it. The cat’s out of the bag.

I had taken the pregnancy test on a Saturday and spent time feeling totally pregnant. I had achey boobs, a spate of acne on my nose and a stronger than usual desire for chocolate-covered marshmallows. Then — while I was out in my neighborhood with my four-year-old son — I felt terrible back pain and cramping and knew right away that I was having a miscarriage."

5. Start walking

I average about 2-3 walks at the park per week, and it's one of my absolute favourite things to do. It's usually at the end of the day - around sunset. The park is busy with other walkers and bike riders, and I go with friends, catching up each other's news, dissecting our work days, and bouncing ideas off each other. It is the absolute best.

More reasons why it is so good for you here.

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