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Weekly Round Up

It's really important to us here at RDP that we do more than just inundate you with endless photos from our sessions.

We really want to create more of a community than that - and that's why our facebook feed is filled to the brim with great articles and posts, about everything from parenting tips, to financial matters and sustainability articles.

There is just so much more we want to do with this platform than just sell you another photo shoot!

And it seems like this content is working for you, as we receive such great feedback on it, and see it shared far and wide.

So here's some more articles and posts for you...

1. Financial tips

"Where we invest financially is one of the most direct and simple ways we can contribute to values-based positive change in the world. Advancements in technology are continually making this task less intimidating and more accessible, enabling consumers at all investing levels to support sustainability efforts. We found seven socially responsible investment platforms that are easy, automated, transparent, and customizable so that you can use your money to invest in categories like green tech, renewable energy, and clean water—and match your financial goals with your personal values."

2. Mindvalley

One of my absolute favourite resources on the internet right now is Mindvalley. Billed as one of the top personal growth websites in the world, this company is striving to create a heap of amazing content to truly change your life. I absolutely love tuning into their masterclasses and programs on personal growth, mental wellbeing and so much more.

I can highly recommend it!

3. New parent advice

“Also, and this is a truly hard one in the age of social media, remember that every kid is different and every family is different, and that everyone is facing challenges. Forget about that kid whose parent you follow on Instagram and how they can already ride a bike and speak Chinese and eat oysters. That kid is working on something, too. Instead, focus on your kid, and your life, and keep doing everything you can to help your kid live their best life, whatever that looks like.” — Emma S.

Did you like this post? Why not share it? Or let us know by commenting on our facebook page, so we can keep creating great content for you. Yay!

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