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Heading into 2020...

Wow, what an incredible adventure the past eight years have been - starting, growing and building this photographic team. There have been endless challenges, too many bad days to count, but most importantly, SO many successes, so many great days, so many awards won, and an amazing team built!

It makes me feel rather choked up to look back at how much I've accomplished in this time and really take stock of it all.

As my business has grown over the past few years, my role within it has changed. I never would have imagined myself captaining such a big team, and having the title of "CEO", but goodness it makes me incredibly proud to be able to own those three little letters.

Heading into 2020 it is time to call in a big shift for me, and the next step of expansion for my company - we will be extending into Cape Town, and on a personal front I am planning on getting back into studying, delving deep into my own personal growth, and of course keeping up with the busy ins-and-outs of being CEO!

Because of this I will be putting down my camera, and handing the full reigns of our photographic work over to my more-than-accomplished associate photographers. I have complete faith in the team I have built around me, and the amazing work being produced by these incredible women.

For more info on our brand, read on below...


This brand has come a long way since launching in early 2013. Since then we've grown from a one-woman show to an award-winning ten-member team, and have documented thousands of photo shoots.

Here's a few quick things you need to know about us:

1. We are natural-light, lifestyle photographers (and don't use studios!).

This means we use minimal gear, don't shoot in studios, and that our sessions are quick and fun, without the need to constantly adjust lighting and flashes.

2. We are fun, organised and efficient!

All of our sessions are designed to be easy-going, stress-free and a lot of fun.

We have a quick and simple booking-in system run via email by our lovely office manager Grace, and from initial enquiry to end delivery of product we aim to make each step of the way as seamless as possible.

3. We don't use props or supply wardrobe for the sessions.

Our focus is on documenting real life - so that newborn baby should look like a baby, not a pumpkin, wrapped up in your arms and not in a scratchy tutu. We cut out the frills, and encourage you to dress in comfy, casual complementary colours and clothes.

4. We love shooting at a few different locations. We have a couple of fave Joburg outdoor locations for shoots, or can photograph an at-home session at your family home. Chat to Grace for more info.

5. We are based in Johannesburg, South Africa - but love to travel!

6. We are a ten-member team.

From our lovely office manager Grace, to our six associate photographers, two editors, a marketing manager and of course Robyn herself. This means that we're super attentive to emails, almost always have a photographer available to document your event or photo shoot, and our turn-around editing times are pretty speedy too.

These associates all work for us, under the RDP brand.

7. We primarily shoot during magic hour.

This is the hour around sunrise/sunset when the light gets soft, gentle and magical! If you've seen our pics online, this glistening light is probably what has drawn you in. More info about this incredible time of day here.

8. We can create a gorgeous photo book for you!

We love our custom photo books, especially our Year in your Life books, which include 20-30 photos per month of a year - so great for documenting your little ones' changes!

9. We also offer gift vouchers.

10. We have an off-shoot business covering a heap of other offerings.

Head on over to our other website Robyn Davie Creative to see what else we get up to - from head shots to personal branding, from restaurants to hotels, from milestone birthdays to year end functions, and everything in between.

11. We don't document weddings.

For us, the beginning of 2019 saw a departure from wedding photography. While we have absolutely loved documenting a handful of weddings over the past few years, for us the real joy is in small functions, family sessions and our corporate work.

We do however love to be involved in all the other events around a wedding - extended family sessions with all the visiting family members, rehearsal dinners, engagement parties etc etc.

We can't wait to hear from you and book you in for a session!

Send us an email on

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