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How to create stand out photos during your family session.

Family photos are so IMPORTANT and often the significance of having them done by a professional is over-looked. These images are going to be around forever! Surely this means you want them to be as incredible as possible?

With that being said once you've picked your photographer for the shoot (you should seriously pick Robyn Davie Photography though, here are a bunch of reasons why - here's a list of what we offer, here's an example of the incredible work we do, here's anther wonderful example, heres more about our incredible team.)

Okay so now you have your photographer, but what can you and your family do to make sure the photos STAND OUT and are unforgettable.

Here's a quick list of what to do before and during the photo session:

1. Decide what kind of shoot you prefer to have done.

Do you want it to be intimate with just your significant other and kids? Or maybe you have family visiting and you want every uncle, aunty, cousin, grandparent involved! Do you want this shoot to happen at a super open out in nature/park location? Or just prefer everyone to hang out at home?

Perhaps a trendy street/market location is more your vibe? Find out what locations your photographer prefers shooting at, this way you can be sure they are familiar with it and know exactly where to take the best shots! That being said, a location you suggest i.e your home, shouldn't be a problem for your very talented and well experienced RDP team member (wink wink, hint hint)

Find a good photographer (This one reeeeeeeally matters)

We've been casually slipping in why we are the perfect choice for your family photo session, but on a serious note: this point is the most important! Having your family moments documented by a professional who knows exactly what they are doing will determine the entire process. You can read a great post about Why your should choose us here.

Try to book your session a couple weeks in advance.

This is super helpful for both you and your photographer. All the liasing for when, when, who can be all organised! It gives you time to prepare your outfits for the day. Going in knowing everything is under control will make the session be a breeze!

Have everyone come in cohesive clothing/colour scheme.

Preparing what everyone will wear ahead of time, crosses out the chance of any items you thought you kind of wanted to wear to not be missing or in the wash! Coming in cohesive outfits does not mean everyone should match. We have a great article that completely covers everything you should consider and avoid when it comes to your shoot day outfit! Check it out here.

Make sure everyone has eaten

No one is going to happy and shiny when they are hungry! Make sure the family is bopping with smiles because the hangry monsters are gone!

Just a reminder your kids, ARE JUST KIDS!

We know you've given them a chat before hand. Possibly even bribery of some sort. But let me tell you all the candy, toys and fun rewards in the world will not stop a tantrum or attitude of a kid whose not happy. Kids are not professionals, and they are dealing with a lot! You know having just discovered the whole entire world not so long ago!

They are inquisitive and spontaneous, and so you should let them be! Let them explore, let them run, let them pull silly faces during the shoot. I promise this goes miles in terms of building trust with them, and once they know they are in a space where they can be playful, they will be more likely to listen when we ask for them to smile really nicely for us!

Relax and have fun

Most of the time the photos you'll end up loving the most are those little in-between moments. Candid shots of you just laughing and enjoying the company of your gorgeous and brilliant family. After all that what it's all about right? So don't pressure yourself or your family to have everything absolutely perfect. Just relax, have faith in the process and try and have fun! Be silly, be raw, be vulnerable.

Really listen to the suggestions your photographer gives you.

We have so many tips, posts and examples for you regarding shooting with us. (Much like this one) We post this info to make sure you are as prepared as possible for the day of shooting so you can be chill and just focus on hanging out with your family on the shoot day.

Take this advice from experienced photographers who know exactly what works. This goes for anything such as time of day to shoot, posing, location suggestions etc.

We hope these tips have helped ease your mind a bit! We can't wait for your to have to most incredible family pics.

Here are more examples of the wonderful family photos we can capture for you:

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