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A Deep Dive Into Building a Website With Us

Updated: Jun 8

Oh hey! Goodness but we're excited that you're here.

Building websites is our JAM - we love this stuff. But we totally get it, you'd like to know the ins and outs, and why we're a good fit for your brand!

Here we go:

1. We do more.

We truly believe that there's SO MUCH MORE to branding than just chucking together a colour palette and calling it a day.

Great branding is more than just a logo and a mood board. The good stuff draws the viewer in, and leaves no doubt about your intention, your authenticity and your story.

The best branding creates the FEELING you'd like your clients to remember you by.

And that's what we aim to do - create a home for your brand on the internet. We create feeling through an alignment with colours and hues that tell your story, emotive imagery and language, and more than anything take all of the wild ideas running through your mind and formulate them into a cohesive branding plan!

Robyn and her team were amazing at figuring out what I actually wanted for my new website. They were so patient while we went back and forth with a few possible templates in the beginning. I didn’t know what I wanted until we struck gold with a design which translates exactly the look and feel I want for my brand. So often with the creative process you just need to leave it to the experts!
Thrilled with how our website was designed, it’s so fresh and unique!


Visit Stephanie's website here.

2. User-Friendly

We are SO focused on creating a good experience for your users - we want them to know within SECONDS what exactly your website offers, and what action you require from them.

So many websites these days are overwhelming - far too much information, way too many pages, and piles and piles of text that NO ONE is going to read.

We know we have mere moments to capture the attention of your user, and we aim to get it and hold it!

Read over three website mistakes business owners are making here.

3. Quick and Easy Process

So this is how we do it:


A Zoom consultation with you. We'll discuss your branding, your messaging and your story. We'll find out exactly what you need from a website, how many pages, what services you offer, what functionality you need.

We'll chat about what goes in to making an amazing website in this day and age; and exactly how YOUR website will stand out from the crowd.

This is a great opportunity for you to ask the design team all of your questions, and to figure out exactly which package will be best for you.


Our lovely office manager Grace will handle the admin - quotes, invoices and all of that. Please do note our packages only include our design and build work, and additional fees will be incurred through Wix for hosting, domains and email addresses. We are very transparent about these fees, and do not add any mark-ups on to them.


The fun bit!

Our team gets designing! We're with you every step of the way - sending proposals for approval, and website mock-ups. This is YOUR show, so we want to hear from you throughout the process!

The more in-depth feedback you can provide us with, the better equipped our team is to move forward on each stage of the process.


The nitty-gritty. Once all the design is 100% approved, our web team dives deep into the back end - optimising SEO and your mobile version. Making sure that no stone has been left unturned, with each button and click point functioning to it's best.

This is when we link up your domain, and purchase you an email address (if you've requested this service).

We also export all of your chosen elements - logo, business cards, IG look and feel etc, and pop it over to you in one succinct Dropbox folder, in PNG, JPEG and PDF format so you can easily upload, print and customise to your heart's content.


Final presentation! Get ready to see all your magical branding come to life - across all of your social media platforms, website, and printed collateral! Having a cohesive brand is SO important, so that no matter where your client ends up seeing your business, they instantly recognise it!


We offer retainer packages so that we can continue to check in with you on a monthly basis, and make updates and changes to our site as you need us to - maybe changing out images seasonally, or updating text as you start to offer a new service.

Chat to us about the options.

4. Why We Love Wix

We've been using the Wix platform to build and host our own websites for over eight years, and have been delighted to expand our offerings since 2020 to include website design and build for clients!

You can log into your Wix account, update your blog, check your store orders, send out a newsletter to clients, run marketing campaigns on social media, tweak your website copy and photos - all in one place, in one go!

Visit this post for more reasons why we love this platform.

I've worked with Robyn and her team for years and they always provided great service for my business. When I finally decided to launch my podcast, I knew I wanted them to help me with the branding.
I had a very tight turnaround time, but they accommodated me and were able to design my new logo and artwork beautifully. Because my podcast is about motherhood, it also felt right that it was an all female team helping me put the branding together. They just got it.


5. Keen to explore some of our work?

Here's one for a genetic consultant.

One for a wine brand.

A coffee company.

A lifestyle blogger.

And a portrait photography brand.

Feel free to share this post with anyone who you think might LOVE a little website refresh!

xxx Robyn


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