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All About Our Corporate Photography

Oh hey hey - goodness but we're excited that you're here and considering our team for your upcoming corporate photo shoot!

So, why choose us?

Well, we do things a little differently - because we're a fifteen-member, all-female team. That means we have a dedicated admin team, who love ensuring your shoot is booked in in a few quick steps. Then our creative team - from photographers to editors - making sure the shoot itself is handled in a fun and exemplary way - and then your pics are magically edited.

Robyn developed her head shot technique in Los Angeles, where she spent the whole of 2013 and 2014 - it was a big learning curve, and totally worth it! On her return to Joburg in early 2015, she started up her associate program, mentoring and training young photographers in her photographic style.

These amazing photographers work for us under our brand - and their brilliant work is indistinguishable from Robyn's.

So what goes into creating the perfect photo shoot:





And of course, you and your amazing team!


Taking photographs is all about the light. The most magical pictures happen when the light is soft and delicious - during the hour of sunrise or sunset.

We use only natural lighting for our photo shoots - in the early morning or late afternoon when the light is gentle and flattering.

Direct sunlight creates hard shadows and squinty faces, which doesn't look good on anyone! Full shade is going to be best for all photographs!

Feel free to read this post about the magic of magic hour if you'd like to know a little bit more about the right time of day to shoot.


We have a few preferred locations when it comes to doing photo shoots - but why? Well, the thing is, there are SO many variables on a shoot - inclement weather, meeting schedules of the execs on your team for example - so, we love knowing that a few elements can be controlled.

And one of those - is by using locations that we LOVE, and that we know work photographically. So we can quickly and easily guide you and your team to the exact most beautiful spots, where we know we're guaranteed gorgeous light!

  1. Our first choice is our very own natural light studio, Fynn Studio.

  2. Or, we can shoot at your place of business.

  3. Or, at Keyes Art Mile


Have you considered whether you need a studio or lifestyle type photo shoot? Please see below image references and breakdown of these two very different styles:


What you wear in your photos is a big part of telling your story - and ensuring you're portraying the right look and feel for the messaging you'd like to get across.

If you have your own brand, or work for a business, it's a great idea to incorporate the colours from your company's look and feel into your wardrobe. And to match the overall style of your outfits to the appropriate level - whether that be more casual or more formal.

We generally find that lighter, warmer colours translate the best on camera, and definitely recommend paying extra attention to this in winter when we tend to wrap up in darker layers - this can give the photos a heavier feel.

There is a lot to consider when booking a photo shoot, and choosing a photography team that has a lot of experience and know-how is crucial to ensuring the success of your photo shoot. Be sure to ask us any questions throughout the process - we're here to help.


Please note that by paying your 50% non-refundable booking fee you agree to the information outlined in this blog post and accept it as one would accept terms and conditions.



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