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Five Reasons Why You Need a New Logo

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Times are CHANGING, faster than we can even wrap our brains around it!

BUT, maybe this could be a good thing? In fact, maybe it could be the best thing that's ever happened to your business (a great idea proposed by entrepreneur Rich Mulholland).

We are definitely using it as a chance to really dig deep on all our systems and protocols, to streamline our workflows, and to brainstorm ways to better serve our clients.

And what about you? Has this proven to be the best possible time to turn your side hustle into a business? (If yes, have a look at Nic Haralambous' new ebook How to Start a Side Hustle).

Or maybe you are pivoting your business into something new, something fresh, something digital? And it's just time to have a new look for your brand.

Here are five reasons why you need a new/fresh logo:
  1. Facilitates brand loyalty. Seeing your logo everyday helps your brand stay fresh in the minds of consumers. You are constantly reminding them that you are there and ready to do business.

  2. Makes your business look more professional. Brand loyalty comes with time and patience, but a lot of consumers wont trust a brand unless it looks professional. Having a beautifully crafted logo will definitely help your business.

  3. Tells your brand story through your logo design. A logo is a very personal thing, your business is a labour of love and you didn't get to where you are because you took a shortcut. Your logo can tell your brand's story, in one quick, eye-grabbing image!

  4. Distinguishes you from the competition. Having a professional logo will help you stand out from all the other brands out there. By creating a colourful logo, you can start to communicate specific emotions and inspire your customers.

  5. Get us to design your logo for you. We have over 26 years experience in graphic design, editing and photography. Our brand is fiercely devoted to professionalism, excellence, and offering clients more.

Browse through our online store for a full overview of our digital products.


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