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Our Recent Website Design Work

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Our team has been SNOWED under the past few months - and we are so GRATEFUL for it!

We've been working on some incredibly fun brands - everything from designing their look and feel, logos, social media feeds and - one of our favourite parts - their WEBSITES!

I truly believe your website should feel like your tiny corner of the world wide web - your home on the cloud.

And we take every care to make sure that your brand feels perfectly at home in it's online spot.

Here's some of the recent websites we've been working on:

1. Salt UK

Salt is a gourmet homemade food delivery service, operating out of Cobham in the UK. We commissioned an illustration from our amazing colab partner Izabel Barkhuizen of Illustration Huiz for the work on the logo, and the rest of the look and feel was put together by our in house design team!

We had a lot of fun creating this chic and simple website, which keeps the focus on the food, and draws attention to the simplicity and freshness of the offerings!

View the full website here.

2. Blink Portraits

This little project was one that was very close to my own heart - as it was for my new biz which I co-founded in October 2020!

We wanted something BOLD, FRESH and EYE-CATCHING, and the design team DELIVERED.

The final feel is modern, chic, and a little outside-of-the-box, and completely on brief.

View the full website here.

3. Kelly Loggenberg Genetic Counselling

Our team was handed the beautiful CI for this brand from another designer, and they ran with it excellently - breathing life into gorgeous branding, and turning it into the perfect home for Kelly's brand on the internet.

The tricky part of this site was taking something quite clinical, and breathing warmth and life into it. We also had a large amount of text that needed to be conveyed to the viewer without overwhelming them.

The block layout of the site does just this - breaks up the text into bite-size chunks, and brings a slight playful aspect to the clinical nature of the work.

"It was such a pleasure to work with you on the design of my website. Thank you for being so efficient and professional at every step and for dealing with all my questions and requests.
You made the process effortless and enjoyable and I was so excited to see the final product, which I absolutely love!" - Kelly Loggenberg

Have a peek at the full site here.

4. Thistle and Weed

These local boutique winemakers have an already established brand here in South Africa, so when they commissioned us to take that brand and breathe life into it on the internet, we were overjoyed!

The brief was to create something more than just an online store that sells wine. These winemakers understood the value of telling a STORY with a brand, and we set out to encapsulate that across the site - using emotive imagery, text and quotes.

What we ended up with is a true showcase of their brand, and a titillating experience for the tastebuds.

Plus, I can personally vouch for how good their wine is! (I have two full cases sitting on my kitchen counter, which just arrived from the brand - thank you so much Steph!)

View the full site here.

We have a few more lovely websites that we'll be finishing up before the end of the year, and we'll do a little year end wrap up with all of those!

Feel free to share this post with anyone who you think might LOVE a little website refresh!

xxx Robyn


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