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Stepping Up Your Corporate Head Shot Game

Updated: Jan 17

We are a bit stupidly passionate about creating something DIFFERENT for corporates.

We know, we know, you need the standard-white-backdrop-head-shot for the year end review doc, BUT! We also think your corporate business needs LIFESTYLE HEAD SHOTS...

These lifestyle or environmental head shots add an extra layer of professionalism to the online representation of your company, and show how you and your team work on a daily basis.

On a more current note, with most people still working from home during our relaxed lockdown, a prospective customer getting to see your office space in action is a refreshing change from the monotonous dining-room-table-and-pyjamas combo we've become to used to seeing!

These images are far more ENGAGING, more REAL, and more likely to capture the attention of a scrolling-potential-client.

So, how best to do this?

Our fifteen-member, all-female team has been documenting head shots for nearly a decade, and we know a thing or two about how to up your game. We're all about creating a work environment focused around professionalism, kindness and authenticity, and we bring that manner to all of the projects we take on.

First up, location.

Choosing the right location. Your head shots should represent you and your brand/business, and the location you choose needs to be clutter-free and filled with natural light.

Our first and foremost recommend location for head shots is our very own Fynn Studio, as it has a lovely mix of environments; soft, flattering light, and clutter-free backgrounds - to keep the focus on you!

Have a peek:


Secondly, wardrobe.

Your clothing tells a story, and you should definitely consider that story as part of the look and feel of your photos!

Please bring a few different options for us to work with - plain bright colours are ideal (blues, greens, pinks, reds etc, with little to no patterns), as well as a neutral option or two (creams, charcoals etc). Mostly t-shirts are going to work best, but a great fitted shirt (with either a blazer or cardigan), can make for an awesome student/business pic.

It is a great idea to drink lots of water in the week/days leading up to the shoot to give your skin a nice healthy glow, and exfoliate well the day before.

More tips?


Ready to book in for your head shot session? Pop us an email on


Robyn Davie Creative Studio is a brand with nearly a decade of experience in lifestyle photography and custom photo book creation.

During 2020 they diversified into graphic and digital design, and have been happily creating branding for businesses around the world since then.

In 2021, the team launched Fynn Studio - a natural light studio space in Johannesburg, available for rent by photographers, creatives and clients.

The team has won multiple awards for their photography, and proudly partnered up with the iStore in 2020. Innovation is at the forefront of everything they do.


All photos and designs in this post were created by the Robyn Davie Creative Studio team. All photos, designs and content are copyrighted to Robyn Davie Creative Studio.




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