Izabel Barkhuizen of Illustration Huiz is an illustrator, letterer and designer with a background in graphic design and advertising, currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Her work is often inspired by the banality of everyday life with hints of humour, interesting textures and shapes. She's endlessly exploring the charming nuts and bolts of the illustration world and what she wants to say and do through it. 




We loved partnering up with this fab illustrator for this project - designed to bring a lot of light and joy into your little one's room.


These illustrations are sold in a set of three, printed in a 20 x 20 size, designed to fit perfectly in our 30 x 30 frames.





  • Premium quality paper, with a matt finish - no shine.
  • Ideally should be ordered alongside the 30 x 30 frames we offer.
  • Great for gifting.




Product images are digital mock-ups, final product may vary slightly.

RD x Illustration Huiz | Animal Custom Prints | 20 x 20 | Set of Three

Type of Paper
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