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"​I would love to make work that reminds people of their connection to the planet and the natural world. To see the world as children again, see the beauty of existence and the devastation of disrupting nature."


Sarah Grace is fascinated by the tension between our synthetic lives and the natural eco-systems that initiated our existence.




In 2020 we teamed up with this amazing local artist to create a product that brings affordable art into your home!


These amazing calendars can simply be sliced in two once the year is done - leaving you with gorgeous prints to pop into our square floating frames.





  • Limited edition.
  • Gorgeous calendar artworks, available in A3 or A4.
  • This calendar is NOT BOUND - and comes as individual sheets, ideal for display on our calendar stand or desk stand.
  • Twelve month calendar, can run from the time of ordering for the following twelve months.
  • Great gift for family members!


RD x Sarah Grace | Affordable Artwork | Twelve Month Calendar

  • Please note that the outlined fees are the basic costs for the prints - your order may be subject to addtional fees for requested changes, the scanning in of images, additional editing and other extraneous measures.

  • Each of our online store items is MADE TO ORDER, in order to reduce excess production and waste. Please factor in that production times vary, but your product will arrive as soon as feasibly possible.

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