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FAQ: Booking a Wedding Photographer

May 2, 2017

What can we expect when we send through our enquiry?


My aim is to respond to all emailed enquiries within 48 hours - it is an absolute honour to be considered as a potential photographer for your wedding day, and I can't wait to chat to you more about it!


First thing I'm going to do is send you a quick and easy enquiry form to fill out with all the basic details of your day (dates, times, guests etc).






Why do you need so many details?


I need to know a little bit more about your special day so that I can craft a custom quotation just for you. A wedding at town hall on a Tuesday for 20 of your closest friends is a little bit different from a wedding in the Drakensburg mountains on Christmas Day for 100 of your closest friends! The details matter :)



What happens then?


At that point I'll send through a quotation with three packages outlined for you to choose between. 



How do your packages work?


I've spent a HEAP of time crafting these wedding packages to best suit your needs. They're based on my years of experience working as an event coordinator and photographer, and from the realities of just how many hours and photos I know are feasible for your day. Please trust me on this.



Why should we book you as our wedding photographer?


Photography is an absolute PASSION project for me. I tackle each photo shoot with such care and commitment - just as I hope any other service provider would do for me. And weddings, well weddings are totally my JAM. I love them! Champagne, happy tears, mad-crazy-lovely groups of family members, and beautiful locations. What could be better?!



What makes the service you offer different from that of other wedding photographers?


I have a LOT of experience working in events - three and a half years as a head bartender, two and a bit years as a cater-waiter, event coordinator and waitress, and one spectacular ten-day stint during the polar vortex (think absolutely freezing!) in New York City running 36 buffets for the pre-Superbowl party. Yip, that was MANIC. My understanding of a lot of the different aspects of your event is something I bring to the table, and to your wedding, when I join your supplier team!


This benefits you when we sit down for the consultation, as I'm filled with little subtle hints and tips for aspects that may have been overlooked. And when I arrive at the wedding, I'm fully prepped and ready to mingle and work with the other suppliers in a way that will make your wedding absolutely seamless.



How will our wedding day with you as our photographer be different from other photographers?


The main compliment that I receive from my bridal couples is just how relaxed I was and how fun I made their day. I don't sweat the small stuff, and arrive on site with a sense of calm and focus.


My personal belief is that your wedding is a day to be spent with your friends and family, especially as they've often traveled far to be there with you; and as such I aim to keep the posed photograph shoot time down to a minimum. You really should be spending more time drinking champagne in my opinion!



Can you recommend any other suppliers?


Absolutely, yes! I am part of an incredible hand-picked team called the Black Book Collective - a florist, confectioner, dress designer, make-up artist and myself - all of whom have come together to bring your wedding to life with simplicity and ease. Please contact me in order to hear more about this dream team :)



What happens during our consultation meeting?


This is the ideal time for us to get to know each other a little bit better! I find a good meeting is about 90 minutes, and may just involve a glass of wine, or at least a delish cappuccino! I have a great little form for us to go through together, which'll give me a great idea of the day, and where exactly I need to be when.



Do we need to do a site visit?


It's not completely necessary, but it does help to ensure we are fully prepped and on the same page for the big day. It's a great chance to walk around the venue and work out the best spots for group photos, couple photos etc.


Please note that only some of my packages include site visits, and travel costs and times are not included. Please let me know if you would like to include a site visit and I will quote for it accordingly.



When should we pay our deposit?


Your deposit is due at least four months prior to the wedding itself, but the sooner I receive payment the sooner I can secure the date as being yours - please do note that I am currently receiving a lot of wedding enquiries and booking up quickly.



Why is it our responsibility to provide a meal and/or accommodation for yourself and your second shooter?


Shooting a wedding is HARD WORK. Don't get me wrong - I love it! But weddings involve at least six hours, if not eight to ten to twelve hours of complete and utter focus. There's no time for distractions, for checking your phone, for preparing and finding food, or sometimes even running to the loo! We can not miss a single shot. (Which is why there are two of us to begin with!). But also why we need to sit down for a hot meal midway through the shoot and refuel (the absolute best time to do this is while all the other guests are eating too - no one wants photos of them stuffing their faces, hehe!), and also why at the end of a long shoot we need to crawl straight into bed and not get on the road and drive home (in the dark) for a few exhausting extra hours!



Please note that by paying your 50% deposit you agree to the information outlined in this blog post and accept it as one would accept terms and conditions.


Still have more questions? Feel free to contact me! I'd love to hear from you :)


Here at RDP we only take on a handful of weddings per year, as we really believe that it is necessary to have the completely right fit between photographer and bridal couple. Our ideal weddings are intimate, casual soirees, with a focus on friends, family and fantastic food; with approximately no more than 100 guests.



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