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A Year In Your Life Photo Books Info, Tips and More!

February 13, 2017

I seriously cannot contain my excitement about how awesome these photo books are going to be! For the longest time I've wanted to catch up on the last few (ok, basically ten!) years of my life, by finally getting round to printing out ALL the photos from all my favourite moments!


And now finally there is a way!


Now I know, you've got questions! So here are a few answers :)





How does this work?


These photo books are designed to be a capture of a twelve month period in your life. You send us the pics, we'll curate and design the book, and you'll end up with a book to treasure!



Does the book have to fit into the period from January to December?


Not at all! If your baby was born in May, the book can run from May 2015 - April 2016.





Should the images we submit all be professional photographs?


I originally conceptualised these books to showcase the pictures that you as a parent capture of your little ones yourself - all the little in-between moments. So far I've printed a heap of different variations - some books just based off of professional photo shoots that families did within a year period, some books are a mix of professional and non-professional pics, and the majority are just snaps off of family's phones!


The books in the sample images throughout this post are a mix of all of the above - some of the images are from photo shoots I did with the family, some are images from another photographer, and the majority are just phone pics from the mom. She has a great eye for design, and edited all the images before submitting, which is why they fit together so cohesively.



Tell me about the images please?


The pictures you submit have to be over 2MB! It is generally not possible to print pictures that are smaller than that. Most smart phones these days should be taking pictures of that size, let's chat and see what we can work out.



How many pictures do you need?


If you are ordering a 60 page book we need a maximum of 240 images (20 per month).

If you are ordering a 100 page book we need a maximum of 360 images (30 per month).

The minimum amount you can send through is 150 images.


I will ask you to please include 5-10 extra images per month so that we have a little bit of room to breathe in terms of the design, and just in case any images are too low resolution we can substitute them with another.


Please do note that not all of the images that you send through will be included, if they are too low resolution or do not fit into the design.



Can I email you the photos?


Nope! We're talking about 240 to 360 pictures here! That's a LOT of emails, and most servers will try and compress the images, which means the photos will be pixelated and bad quality when printed. Please do not email me your photo book images.



How do we send you the images?


Please separate your photos into labelled folders with each month as the name of the folder. So ideally you should have twelve folders, each with the label, "January 2016", "February 2016" etc etc. Each folder should contain 20-25 images (if you're doing a 60 page book), or 30-35 images (if you're doing a 100 page book).


I do prefer if you would submit a few extra images per month, just to give me a bit of room to play around with the ideal layout. It also means that if an image is too low res to be printed I can easily replace it with another image.


Images must be submitted via Dropbox, Google Drive or Wetransfer. You may also drop off a CD.



How do we get the pictures off our smart phones?


Ideally the images you send through should be from a camera, but we can absolutely work with smart phone images too. It helps a LOT though if you export the photos from your phone in the correct way as so not to compress the image. Ideally you want to be sure that your phone camera is shooting images in a high resolution to start with, and then export them by plugging your phone into your computer or emailing them to yourself. Remember that Facebook and What's App compress images when you send them!



What should the pictures be of?


This is the fun part - you get to pick and choose the favourite images of your year! And they can be everything from the in-between moments - bath time & bedtime; to the celebrations - baby showers, birthdays; to the milestones - first steps, first days at school.


We're also throwing in five scannable documents as part of this promotion. This can include a hand-written note from a cherished grandparent, an artwork by your little one or a sonogram for example.


These are also not just for the little kids - other fun things to include can be a first year of marriage, a fun year of travel and adventures, a last year of high school, the first year of university etc etc! Life should be celebrated in all forms! :)



What if I don't have pictures from one month of the year?


Maybe you had a boring March, and barely took a single picture, that's cool. We can then put the 20/30 images from that month into another month - maybe the month of your little one's birthday, or the month when you went on an epic holiday to Mauritius.






How does it work in terms of pages and spreads?


A 60 page book is a 30 page spread.

A 100 page book is a 50 page spread.



What is the difference between the gloss and the matt finish to the paper?


I have spent a lot of time testing out different printing companies, printers and papers in order to be able to deliver the best possible product to you. The final finish to the product can be either in gloss or in matt, meaning the pages either have a shine to them (gloss), or a textured fine art paper finish, which makes them matt.


The below examples showcase the 20x20 book first in gloss, and then in matt:




How does the layout of the book work?


In order to keep our hourly costs as low as possible I have 2-3 design templates that we use for these photo books, depending on the size and type of photo book. These templates have been designed with a modern feel, while also with a focus on simplicity and timelessness. Requested changes to the design templates will be billed at R450/hour (minimum two hours).



What will the cover image be?


The Year In Your Life books all have printed covers, whether they are soft or hard cover, just like all the sample images in this post.


If you like, you may select the cover image yourself. Alternatively my design team and I will go through the images and select one that works the best in terms of design. We do have a good eye for these kind of things :)


My premium albums for weddings, engagements etc come with leather or linen covers. These are completely different items from the Year In Your Life books. Please read up more about them here.



What fonts do you use?


Once again I have gone with a classic feel by keeping only two fonts for use in the photo books. We use helvetica and signerica. The aim of the books is to keep text to a minimum in order to truly highlight the images. In the below image you can see examples of these fonts:



What will the title for my book be?


I have two titles that we use for these photo books, either by year ("twenty sixteen" - see above example), or by name ("alexia first year").



Can we add individual captions to each of the photographs?


Yes, absolutely! This is an additional fee of R350/hour, minimum of two hours.





How does the pricing work?


Please contact me for a price sheet. The pricing is divided up into the cost of the actual book and it's printing, and then the design fee. These books are exceedingly important to me, and myself and my team spend HOURS carefully curating them and designing the final product. The design fee reflects the heart and soul we put into each and every order we receive.


In order to work out the final cost of your book, please add the book fee to the design fee.



How does payment work?


Payment is required in full upfront at the time of your order being placed. This fee is non-refundable.



Can we order multiple copies?


Yes! The design fee is only charged once. And then you can order as many copies as you like :) We also keep a digital copy of the book, so should you want to order a few more copies at Christmas time for gifts, just let us know and we can place your order :)



What about the delivery fee?


We have included the delivery fee in the book fee, so it's one nice easy amount. (This is for delivery in South Africa only, international delivery fees vary).


Please note the delivery fee is only included on the Year In Your Life photo books, on all other photo books the delivery fee is a separate line item.


Our printing companies are not based within Johannesburg, so the fee is the one they charge us for the courier.



When can we expect our book(s) to arrive?


I am currently experiencing HUGE numbers of orders coming in, but am aiming to keep processing, printing and delivery times down to 2-3 weeks. Should you need a book more urgently please do let me know, we charge R750/book for rush orders.


Please note printing and delivery times will be longer around peak periods (December for example), and it is necessary to get your order in far in advance to avoid disappointment. 






Can we use images from another photographer?


I have absolutely no issue with including pictures that another photographer may have taken of your family at some point along the line. It's always a good idea however to check with the photographer beforehand.



How will my book be different from the sample books in the videos and pictures in this blog post?


Please do note that the sample books we created for this post were either from images that I took myself during photo shoots or from the Kimmy & Bear team of mom bloggers, who have an amazing eye for design. They edited all their own images before submitting, which gives the sample books a cohesive, designer feel.



Will you edit my images please? 


In order to keep my prices as low as possible we have included the bare minimum amount of hours possible. Should you like basic edits done to your photos (contrast, exposure, crop) this will be charged at an additional R350/hour. Should you like further edits done (skin clearing/softening, removing of objects, advanced photoshopping) this will be charged at an additional R450/hour.



Can we sit down and have a consultation meeting?


Yes we can! Consultation meetings are charged at R500/hour.



Can we view the book?


I will send you a sneak peek of three double page spreads before I place the order, just to give you an idea.



Can we make changes?


Should you like to make changes at this point I can send you a PDF of the whole book and you can send me a list of changes. This process adds an additional two hours of labour time to the design, and is charged at R350/hour (minimum two hours).





I'm ready to order, what do I do now?


I need the following order details from you. Please send me an email to reachingrobyn@gmail.com.


Number of copies:

Softcover or hardcover:

20x20, A4 or A3: 

60pg or 100pg:

Consultation Required (R500 additional):

Additional notes/requests:





Please note that by paying for your photo book you agree to the information outlined in this blog post and accept it as one would accept terms and conditions.





Please note: the images in this post are from samples I have had printed for clients, and are designed to give a general feel of what the end product will look like. The final book will vary in terms of design, paper and binding.


Would you like to see more photo book options? Head over to THIS OVERVIEW to get an idea of the three different styles of photo books that I offer. This post is filled with questions and answers relating to the A Year In Your Life photo books, and this post is packed with all the information you need to order a value or pro photo book.





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