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Ten Reasons to book a Top Notch Photographer for your Family Photo Shoot



1. Capture it While You Can


Your family are always growing and changing, and it is SO important to capture these moments while you can! Time flies and little ones grow up so fast. Family photographs capture these precious memories and preserve them forever. An incredible keepsake to reminisce over in the future.


2. Family portraits sessions are fun!


As professional photographers we understand that being in front of camera is not everyones' jam. So we avoid long drawn out sessions in matching outfits in a studio (which doesn't sound fun at all) and make it a super easy going session out in our amazing city, or even better comfy at your own home! This way we get to capture the real moments between loved ones with all the super cute silly candids in-between.


3. Get the family together.


We offer not only family sessions but extended family as well. Which means you bring literally the entire clan! (YAY!)

Bring aunties, uncles, godparents, family, friends, anyone and everyone who you LOVE! A family photoshoot is the perfect reason for a get-together. It's so easy to get all wrapped up in life's busy schedules and chaos, but its super important to take a moment to connect and create some family history.


4. Get the WHOLE family involved, pets and all!


Fur children and fluffies are just as much as part of the family as anyone else! What an amazing way for things to get a whole lot more fun. Bring along your best pals and run and play, and leave with incredible family portraits and the animal gang having had the greatest day!




5. Smiles are the best gift!


Grandparents, and distant relatives love any pics of the fam but instead of a blurry smartphone snap give them amazing quality pictures with natural smiles and REAL LOVE. We live for the candid moments. Nothing can beat the gift of family connection and memories. Another way to present these photos as a great gift could be through our photo book option, we provide the most gorgeous personal printed versions of your photos which you can see more of here.



6. Investing in family portraits is essential.


Let’s be honest, amateur vs professional services will always come at a higher cost. The reason for that is you get what you pay for. These images are life lasting memories, every second captured is a treasurable moment. So even though your uncle who bought a camera and wants to try it out is an option, consider if the best you can get for this big deal photoshoot that's potentially going to be in all the family members homes and social media for years to come. We have spent years ensuring we know EXACTLY what we're doing to make sure you're get only the most absolutely stunning family pictures.



7. It's a chance for the family to get out the house for an adventure!


Everybody loves a bit of fun in the sun! Getting the family out into nature together to experience the beauty that is magic hour! Kids get to run off some energy and parents get a bit of fresh air and moments off to just enjoy each other.


8. Capture the memories at your family home!


Home, probably the most significant place to all of us. An important place we cherish, to be vulnerable in, the place to start our good days in and come back to after the bad days. Capturing your family photos at home can be extra uber special, because everyone is comfortable at home. Which makes for an easy-going environment to shoot in that holds a lot of warm-fuzzies to your family. Also who doesn't want to just hang out on the couch and take it easy during a shoot? Instead of everyone getting way too dressed up and nervous.


9. No one gets left out!


Parents are almost always behind the camera. It's important to have someone not part of your family (as likeable as our team are! Hehe) take the photos. That way EVERYONE'S in the shot! Remember OHANA: no one gets left behind. Tell your uncle with the camera to get smiling because even he gets to be in this one!


10. The RDP team


Robyn is a big believer in the huge benefits of building a tribe, a team and a family. That’s why she decided in early 2016 to expand her business and start taking on associate photographers. These amazing photographers will ensure they capture the most unbelievable family photos for you and your own tribe! The whole experience is fast fun and so playful.


We cannot wait to capture your family photo session!















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You can now book a Robyn Davie Photography associate photographer and receive the same

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